Christanland! A “Day Dream Land” of a “Day Dreamer! By Bishop Timotheus Nasir


In year 2006, a Mullah filled a Law Suit against me after he failed to face me in an open debate. The news of this Law Suit was sent to Pakistan Christian Post and by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,

thousands of people responded and wrote to the government of Pakistan and protested against that Law Suit. The Law Suit against me was withdrawn, yet I surrendered my Pakistani Nationality in protest against discriminatory attitude of Muslim majority and silence of the government of Pakistan. Taking advantage of my situation and protest, Mr. Raymond W. Durrani, tried to cash my decision to surrender my Pakistani Nationality, took out a “Map” of Pakistan and drew some lines on it and to attract the attention of the people, floated an idea of a separate “Homeland” for Christians and named this drawing on the map ”Christland”. This put me in another problem and I had to give clarifications to various government agencies and Muslim Clergy. I also wrote an article “Don’t use my shoulders to fire your gun”. I surrendered my nationality in protest and not to create a separate State. I am a Pakistani who is proud of his country Pakistan, whatever the situation may be. I may be having many reservations on sad situation of Christian minority, I love Pakistan and I would be the last person to demand or support any idea of dividing my country into any “Land”. In my humble opinion if Mr. Raymond W. Durrani is so keen to “create” a Christian country within the geographical boundaries of Pakistan, he should come to Pakistan and try to muster some support from local Pakistani Christian community. Relaxing in safe heavens it is very convenient to float such insanity. I would ask him to come to Pakistan and announce demand “Christland” he would not find even ten people who will support him. It bothers me that some “Black Sheep” type Pakistani living abroad want to disrupt the day to day life of Pakistani Christians living in Pakistan, that are not ideal though yet far more better than the countries they live in. I would ask Mr. Durrani to demand “Christland” in the country he lives in, and muster support for his “Day Dream Land”. I challenge him that he would be on next flight to Pakistan. Mr. Raymond W. Durrani, in his insanity writes rubbish for people who have been respected all over the world for their outstanding achievements in religious field and for their services for the Christian community of Pakistan. He forgets his past and even his own present. Yet he must remember that many people do know what he is and what he was. He is an “empty mind which has become devil’s workshop”. By blaming people of high stature, he only reveals his limited scope of thinking. I wish he had given remarks on Dr. K. L. Nasir during his life time, he would have cleared the dirt of his brain in a very affectionate way. It is being very unfair to a deceased man that he should be alleged without any proof when he is in his grave and can not give befitting reply. However putting any blame on Dr. K. L. Nasir is “spitting at the heaven” and the result is known to every one. As far as I am concerned, Mr. Raymond W. Durrani may say any stupid thing about me, I really don’t care for ill informed self proclaimed “Revolutionary”. I try to serve my Lord in the best possible way and I do not use any ones shoulder to fire my gun. Collecting funds from abroad is not a crime. There are hundreds of thousand organizations in the world that are helping the destitute around the world by collecting funds from abroad. If Mr. Durrani is not getting any funding from any where, myself or any other organization is not responsible for that. I can understand the “jealousy” of Mr. Raymond W. Durrani, yet I have no remedy for his jealousy. May Lord God show the right way and stop him from “day dreaming” and throwing mud on any one who does not believe in his Day Dream Land”.

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress . You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book. ,