Pakistani Missions on agenda to curb peaceful Pakistani Christian movements in West by their tools.


Philadelphia: May 15, 2009. (PCP report) Trend of Pakistani Christian Diaspora of begging rights from Pakistani ambassadors, Counsels, visiting ministers, Prime Minister and President have unfolded a secret agenda of Foreign Ministry of government of

to engage few so-called leaders in USA, UK, Canada and EU to discourage any peaceful protest on killing of Christians in Pakistan, arrests under blasphemy laws and enforced conversion of Christian women. PCP learned through reliable sources that Pakistani Missions in West invite such Christian who were low profiled social workers in Pakistan in dinners of visiting Prime Minister of Pakistan, President of Pakistan and Muslim ministers and to bring other members of community. The Pakistani Missions arrange meetings with such selected Pakistani Christians in their offices and offer gifts. These Christians are also assured that if they will bring any case of Passport renewal or visit visa to Pakistan that shall be cleared on priority to earn them support. Sources also revealed that Pakistani Missions compel these Christian tools to propagate that peaceful protests by Pakistani Christians can defame Pakistan and best solution is to pay visit to ambassador or counsel general who can write on their behalf to government of Pakistan. The strategy to engage few Christian was hatched by Pakistani Foreign office Islamabad in 2000, when Christians in USA and UK were lodging protests in front of Pakistani Embassies and UNO on incidents of attacks on Churches, killing of Christians and arrests under blasphemy laws. According to PCP research team, peaceful protest rallies by Pakistani Christian Diaspora were at peak on every incident of persecution of Christians in Pakistan from 1996-2004 but such movements were not witnessed after 2005 to 2009. The peaceful protests by Christians in London, New York and Washington DC highlighted persecution of Christians in Western countries and raised ultimate support by International Forums which alarmed Muslim policy makers in Pakistan. After 2004, according to PCP research team, more than two dozen Churches were attacked by extremists Muslims, nine pastors were gunned down, 32 cases were registered under, blasphemy, 18 teen age Christian girls were gang raped, 27 Christian women were enforcedly converted and married by influential Muslims, 62 Christian girls were kidnapped and raped, 5 Churches were set on fire by Muslims, 4 schools were ransacked, 82 Christian worshipers were injured by firearms and 42 Christians were killed by Muslims. It is witnessed that non of Pakistani Christian Diaspora protested against such serious persecution of Pakistani Christian. Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, Chief of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC expressed concern on actions of Pakistani Missions in West and termed it as un-diplomatic business to interfere in social issues of Pakistani Christian Diaspora. “Can Pakistani Missions in USA, Canada, UK and other Western countries dare to publish any memorandums presented to their offices on their official websites by Christian delegates” said Nazir Bhatti PCC Chief clarified that truth is this that Pakistani Missions never receive any memorandum from visiting delegate and refrain from issuing any statement on their websites. Nazir S Bhatti urged Christian Diaspora to unite and not to trust on false promises of Pakistani Mission which have hidden agenda to collect your written demands and trash it to dustbins. The Pakistani Missions negate strategy to raise voice for you but working to end your voice. “I appeal to Pakistani Christian Diaspora to stay away from Christian agents of Pakistani Missions because our brothers and sister in Christ are under threats of Taliban and extremists Muslim groups in Pakistan and experiencing miserable life” said Nazir Bhatti I urge Christians settled in EU and North America to boycott dinners of visiting Pakistani Ministers, Prime Minister and President of Pakistan on intimation of tools of Pakistani Missions in USA, Canada, UK and EU until justice is not ensured to minorities in Pakistan said Nazir Bhatti

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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