Greetings to you and your staff in the precious name of Jesus Christ from YMCA Karachi Pakistan. Although I have written you earlier with a request to print that material as headlines in PCP but perhaps you did not care to help a Christian Brother t

Pakistan University Grants Commission already had the details of my academic credentials. Government of Pakistan and various Offices/Agencies has complete record of my Academic Achievements. I believe, such authorities keep full record and information on the genuineness of the academic degrees of the highly qualified persons in Pakistan. I am working for the cause of higher education for last 22 years and no one except Christian Critics, who themselves are not even Secondary School Qualified blackmail others to insult and disgrace them due to certain motives in the minds or under the directions of their hidden Masters. I am already appointed as the First Vice Chancellor of YMCA University Karachi. The letter written by Mr. Michaniri Mano of World Alliance of YMCAs to Pakistan University Grants Commission had no bearing of effect at all as UGC already had my detailed record with them. UGC rather have asked me to send certain further details to enable them to process the case of YMCA University for the Grant of Charter by the Government. (Please see the attachment No.1) and please publish it in PCP in most appropriate place, /as headliner to encourage the well-wisher of Christian University in Pakistan, friends like Dr. Stephen Gill. I am also sending you in attachments of two more letters from World Alliance of YMCAs, (1) apology of Mr. Machinari Mano for writing such inaccurate information to UGC and subsequently have also written to UGC to withdraw his first letter. (2) A letter of regret/apology of Secretary General, on behalf of World Alliance of YMCAs. I believe these three letters are quite sufficient for you as documentary evidence to remedy you first action of printing and allowing PCP for such defamatory and malicious, shameful and illegal comments about me and YMCA University Karachi. God Bless you and I look forward to see this information as headliner with details in PCP by tomorrow or ASAP please. Sincerely, Prof. (Dr) Sarfraz Lloyd Vice Chancellor of YMCA University Karachi & National President of YMCAs of Pakistan.

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