Muslims looting homes of Christians who fled after arrest of Rimsha in blasphemy


Islamabad: August 21, 2012. (PCP) There are reports that Muslims are breaking locks and looting valuable from homes of Christians who fled from area to save their lives after arrest of disabled minor Christian girl under blasphemy charges.

According to published reports that after announcement form mosques of Meherabadi slum area of capital city of Islamabad, calling Muslims to come out of homes to punish a blasphemer, the mob of Muslims dragged Remisha Bibi, 11 years old disabled Christian girl and her mother in street and started beating them before handing them to Ramna Police Station. The Islamic clerics after Friday Prayers of Ramadan in mosque issued decree to burn alive burn alive on August 17, 2012, on which Muslim mob gathered outside Ramna Police Station demanding Rimsha to handover to them for burning alive. The Muslim mob after failing to take Rimsha for punishment on blasphemy from police turned to Mehrabad and started setting Christian homes. As mob has burnt down three homes and a Church, the Christian fled from the area locking their homes to save their lives. There are more than 250 Christian homes in slum area of Meherabadi who were living peacefully from decades with Muslim neighbors. Rimsha, a mentally disabled Christian girl of age 11 years, was collecting papers from street and burning them when a Muslim shopkeeper started shouting “She is burning Holy Quran pages” Rimsha Bibi has never gone to school and not knew about any blasphemy law like more than one thousand other Christian inhabitant of this slum area who earn their living by cleaning streets or working in homes. Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC said that incident of looting property of displaced Christians is total failure of administration of Islamabad and its claims that Christians are returning back to their homes and situation is normal in area. Nazir Bhatti said that it is shameful that Ramna Police Station have changed age of Rimsha Bibi in First Information Report FIR to trial her under Section 295 B PPC of blasphemy law which can be upgrade to Section 295 C PPC in charge sheet for subject to death penality. Nazir Bhatti said “We appreciate role of civil society to support displaced Christians after sad incident and voice against blasphemy law and immediate release of minor Christian girl accused of blasphemy”

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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