Police firing on peaceful Christian protestors against extortion


Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan: May 4, 2014. (PCP) A gang of Tanveer, Itfaq and their father Yousaf had been threatening the Christian Community of District Toba Tek Singh, Punjab for extortion for last many years and on many occasions

they were able to succeed to extort the innocent and noble people of the community. It is believed that the one Itfaq Masih was killed by his brother on the dispute of distribution of extortion money among the gang. None but Sadaf Saddique, the General Secretary PCC Punjab, Shahzad Fateh District President PCC Toba Tek Singh and Asim Saddique, the younger brother of Sadaf Saddique said no to the extortion money and for last two years all the three persons had been bravely facing all the threats of being killed by the gang if extortion against them does not succeed. On 3rd of May 2014 Tanveer called Shahzad Fateh and blackmailed him and Sadaf and Asim for extortion money and aggrieved on refusal at about five o clock on the same day, Tanveer and Yousaf Masih along with other unknown persons, all with fire armed guns, invaded against the house of the mother Shahzad Fath, namely Bashiran Bibi and forcibly entered the house, tortured the mother brutally, pulled her to the ground and the two nominated accused persons grabbing her by hair and arms, dragged her out of her house, tore her clothes and made her naked in public view. The accused persons opened fire wildly on Sadaf Saddique, the General Secretary PCC Punjab, Shahzad Fateh District President PCC Toba Tek Singh and Asim Saddique while they came for the rescue of the mother. God saved from this blind fires. It is noteworthy to mention here that such a heinous crime falls under section 354-A Pakistan Penal Code which is punishable with death sentence whereby a woman is denudated and uncovered in public view where she is made completely naked by force and torture. Furthermore all the accused persons went away from the place of occurrence while firing and spreading terror among the community. On presentation of the written application to the local police station, the police flatly refused to apply the relevant laws and the police loosely gave all the relations to the accused persons because the gang is attached in influential Muslim people of the city and the police is always hesitant to face them. Agitated by the police unfair attitude the Christian Community of Toba Tek Singh started protesting on the road against the police and administration. In spite of sharing solidarity with the Christian Community and sharing their grieve, the police without any lawful reason opened fire, shelling tear gas and started beating the people in the procession brutally which all the TV channels of Pakistan and newspapers covered in the print and electronic media. All the people in the procession got dispersed because of this inhuman torture. All the Christian Community have made it clear upon the police and administration that the procession will continue to go on until the correction and addition of the relevant laws and sections of the Pakistan Penal Code of Pakistan. The police and administration is in dialogue with the Christian Community to call out the procession while the demand of following up the matter by the police correctly, is the demand by the Christian Community. It is rare that Christians stand against Christians in Pakistan, but it has been observed that only those so-called Christians stand against Christians who are backed up by influential majority class of people who always are Muslims. We plead our appeal to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif and the Chief Justice of Pakistan Tassaduq Hussain Jillani to take notice of suo-moto notice of this brutal crime and take serious notice of police torture, firing and shelling on peaceful people in the procession. The Christians in Pakistan must not be understood a minor thing but be dealt with as important and integral part of the Pakistani nation.

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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