An open Letter to government of Pakistan through counsel general in Canada by Pastor Rashid Gill.


Honorable Mr. Ghalib Iqbal,
The Consul General,
Pakistan Consulate,
Toronto, Canada.
October 17/02

Dear Sir,

Ref: Request for clarification

Yesterday afternoon, I had a privilege of listening to your speech addressing

You sympathized with demonstrators and assured them that their petition shall be sent to government authorities of Pakistan. Furthermore you assured Christian community that every necessary step should be taken to ensure the safety of all minorities specially Christians living in Pakistan. However, it was very interesting to note your different and distinctive point of view from Christian community. According to you: it was incorrect to say that Christians were killed in recent attacks.

You corrected them by saying that those were Pakistanis who were killed, having equal rights in Pakistan. You advised them that Christian community must not say that Christians were killed instead they must say that those killed were citizen of Pakistan. The government of Pakistan does not like to make distinction among her citizens on the basis of religion, race, creed or colour. The government of Pakistan is equally concerned with the death of her citizen.

I must say that your comments were based on the historical facts and I felt those were coming right from the bottom of your heart. The Christian community must believe you because you are an official representative of Government of Pakistan in Canada. However, I want to seek clarification of your comments.

Do Christian citizens of Pakistan have equal rights according to the constitution of Pakistan?

If your reply to this question is that Christians enjoy equal right in Pakistan then I would like to ask why Christian being citizen of Pakistan having equal rights can not become Prime Minister, President or Chief Justice of Pakistan?

Dear sir, I understand that you are very sincere, faithful and hard working employee of our government striving seriously to present better image of Pakistan and her government. I think it is a moral duty of every citizen of Pakistan to do so at all times but reality is Christians are not treated equally in Pakistan. If they had enjoyed equal rights like Muslim majority then they would have not used slogan like "Stop Killing Christians". If are holding the same position as stated earlier, then you owe to Christian community and all worlds an explanation of your remarks. Christians are considered equal citizens of Pakistan at the time of their death only but are forgotten when they want to claim their rights according to the assurance given by the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. I am confused to understand your ambiguous stance taken in this regard. Please help me to understand the correct status of Christians in Pakistan.


Yours sincerely,
(Rev. Dr. Rashid Gill)

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