Muslim convert girl marrying Christian man under threat of life by Extremist Groups in Pakistan. PCP. Exclusive report.


Pakistan. December 2, 2002. A Muslim girl (name not published due to safety) from fundamental Muslim family from NWFP, the border province with Afghanistan married a Christian man (name not published due to safety of life) born on March 13, 1973, at

In the conversion of this Muslim girl, one of the Christian friend with high profile, of the Christian bridegroom, provided the shelter in his house and helped them to engage the clergy to baptize the girl and marriage arrangement, have wife and two children of one years and three years.

When the parents and other family members of the Muslim girls came to know the ware about of their girl and marriage with a Christian man they became furious and attacked the house of Christian man to kill the bride and bridegroom.

As the news of marriage of Muslim girl spread among other Muslim community members of the vicinity, the lives of the both families became under potential threat by the hands of Muslim extremist groups engaged to kill these two families, in this situation these Christian families fled from their home and took refuge in other part of the Karachi city. From last six months the family of he converts Muslim girl and family of the Christian friend who provided shelter to them are in hidings.

The priest who baptized this Muslim girl, born on September 30, 1981 in a fundamental Muslim family in NWFP and performed the marriage ceremony duly representing the big congregation of Christians in Pakistan and took over the responsibility to rehabilitate this couple in presence of other clergy members have been denying any help and support to these two Christian families due to danger of attacks on churches in Karachi in view of church attacks in Bahawalpur, Islamabad, Murree and Taxila in Punjab Province, killing dozens of innocent Christian worshipers by the Muslim militant groups.

The incident of Islamabad where Muslim father killed his two daughter converted and marrying Christian men and his wife few months back have more threatened the newly Christian wedded family and family of his friend providing them shelter and refuge.
These two Christian families with seven members in total with three children under age of five are without any help living in hidings without any funds to feed their families when they have left their jobs where Muslims approached to locate and punish with death and are waiting for any miracle to safe their lives

These two families have appealed to the international community to help them and provide with the safety of life.

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