Christian Members in National and Provincial Assemblies urged to resign from MMA after Shariat Bill in NWFP. Nazir Bhatti


New York. July 2. The Founder of Pakistan Christian Congress, Mr. Nazir S Bhatti urged upon 2 Christian Members of National Assembly of Pakistan, 2 Christian Members of provincial Assembly of NWFP and 1 Christian Member of Balouchistan Assembly, sele

Christians never seek membership of Muslim religious political parties nor they invited and permitted Christian membership since 1947, the independence of Pakistan, now its tragic that joint electorate enabled MMA to bag Christians reserved seats in National Assembly of Pakistan and Two Provincial Assemblies" Mr. Nazir Bhatti added " during 17 years practice of Separate Election when Christians had right to elect their representatives by their votes, Christians elected leadership raised voice on floor of house against Blasphemy Laws, Compensation laws, Evidence Law, Prohibition Orders and Hudood Ordinance but its joint electorate that Christians in NWFP assembly, selected by MMA ignored and hesitated to protest in house to secure Christians rights as religious minority on Shariat Bill" Mr. Bhatti said " demand of Joint Electorate was campaigned on national and international forums by the so called Christian tools of Muslim Political leadership. The general Christians stood always in favor of Separate electorate but some Christian elements misled the international community with argument that separate electorate is reason of Christian apartheid in society. The present situation of silence in house on Shariat Bill is backlash of Joint Election system imposed by government on minorities in election 2002 in Pakistan and yet more after effects are awaited" Commenting on system of elections Mr. Nazir Bhatti said " Joint election can not be termed as democratic or constitutional when Christians vote for Muslim candidates and Muslim political parties share the Christian reserved seats in parliament proportional to the percentage of votes secured by them by selecting Christian tools of their choices when separate elections provided opportunities to elected Christian representation by their votes on these reserved seats". Mr. Nazir Bhatti said" Christians have equal rights in separate elections and Christian parliamentarians were getting equal development budget of 6 crores per year like Muslim leaders but in present joint elections there is no budget for Christian leaders and no job quota for Christian youth" He said that Joint elections have made the millions of Christians a voiceless community in Pakistan and no amendment or privilege motion in house by any Christian parliamentarian on Shariat Bill is true picture of joint elections" He said its moment of shame for those Christian leaders who demanded joint elections and misled the international community. If there were elections under separate electorate in 2002, the MMA have not any Christian parliamentarian in their group to claim that minorities are happy on Shariat Bill and Christian leaders are happy on implementation of Islamic Laws in Pakistan. Mr. Nazir S Bhatti demanded the dual voting rights for Christian when Christian may elect their representatives by their votes on Christian reserved seats and may also votes to Muslim candidates in respective constituencies. He urged all the Christian parliamentarians in MMA group to resign from their seats on MMA Shariat laws in NWFP and join the struggle for separate electorate with general Christians to safeguard their basic and equal democratic rights in social, religious and political fields in Pakistan.

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