What is permitted and what is not permitted in Christianity is written in the Holy Bible. Bishop T. Nasir. PCP. Report.


Gujranwala. November 27. Commenting on the recent issues of Liquor and Homosexuality discussed by the general Christians on different forums on the statements of Bishop A. Malik, Lahore Dioceses of church of Pakistan. The bishop Timotheus Nasir, Pres

According to Christian News International CNI, Bishop T. Nasir " no one can agree with opening statement on this issues. He added" The Holy Bible does not vary from people to people, nation to nation, denominations to denominations and/or culture to culture. The Holy Bible if the final authority on every aspect of human life. No one can restrict the Word of God in guiding the lives of people in every culture and society" Bishop T Nasir said, " If we accept Mr. Sabir N. Bahir Din, s doctrine, Christianity will be confined to "An Area" and it will have not value for other nations as commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ. There is problem if we eat pork, or women do not cover their head in church and people drink liquor. This problem has made Christianity suffer. A true believer must follow what God has commanded. I also very humbly state that understanding of the Word of God is more fruitful than protecting "A Person". Talking to CNI on issuing statement on religion Bishop Nasir said "Giving statements on religious issues, a person should be very careful. Unfortunately some of our Pakistani Christian leaders give statements, such as on "Liquor" and "Homosexuality" are very casual statements that are not expected from a person who has held the office of a Bishop since last 22 years. Such statements bring shame to common Christians in this part of the world if not to the people of this region, living in United States. Mr. Malik is the senior most sitting bishop in Pakistan. He should have been very careful while speaking to a sitting Provincial Minister. His statement as read in national newspapers of Pakistan sounds strange. He said as reported, "Liquor is permitted in Christianity, but the liquor that is permitted in Christianity is not available in Pakistan". In his statement on "Homosexuality" he stated that Christianity does not allow it and some people who are jealous of his status are propagating against him. Yet he failed to take any action against "Lesbian Gay Christian Movement" based in UK while he was in UK. The Movement [LGCM] clearly mentioned his name at the bottom of the letter and it reads, "For further information contact Rt. Rev. Dr. Alexander John Malik, Primate of Pakistan Address, Tel, Fax and E-mail address". What does it indicate?" Commenting on Bishop Malik role as religious leader he added, "In all honesty I say that I am no enemy to Mr. Malik. He is his own enemy. He thinks that he is "The Only Bishop" in Pakistan and every Christian in Pakistan is his subject. He demands respect yet he failed to command respect. He falsely claims to be the Bishop of Lahore; he is Bishop of Lahore Diocese, of the Church of Pakistan only. In my humble and honest opinion and in opinion of thousands of people of Pakistan, he does not merit to be a pastor, what to talk of his bishop hood. If there were a split in the Church of Pakistan it would be because of Mr. Malik who is unable to give a proper sermon. His aim and goal of total theocratic control of Christians of Pakistan is not acceptable to majority of the members and the bishops of Church of Pakistan". Bishop T. Nasir suggested Mr. Din "It is good to defend a religious leader, it is better try to correct him and it is the best to get rid of such person for the sake of smooth functioning of a Church.

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