Civil Law Suit against Bishop Nasir is conspiracy of Muslims groups. Nazir Bhatti


Philadelphia: May 17, 2006. The Founder President of Pakistan Christian Congress, Dr. Nazir S Bhatti have strongly condemned civil law suit against Bishop T. Nasir ad termed it a conspiracy of Muslim groups.

He said that Bishop T. Nasir is religious leader of Pakistani Christians and his honor and safety is precious to his followers who shall also never bear any attempt of Muslims to create obstacles and hinder his evangelical work in Pakistan.
Mr. Bhatti said that Bishop Nasir is principal of century old seminary " Faith Theological Seminary Gujranwala" and Editor of " Kalam-e Haq" monthly publication. The seminary students require his attention and " Kalam-e-Haq" readers need his blessed writings while congregation of millions waits for his sermon.
By this civil law suits, the Muslim groups plan to involve Bishop Nasir in litigation to blame him defiling Prophet Mohammad by his writings in " Kalam-e Haq" and also to hinder his evangelical work in Pakistan.
The filing of civil law suit in Sindh High Court Karachi is very alarming for Pakistani Christians because law and order situation in Sindh province is not satisfactory and Bishop Nasir shall have to travel thousand kilometers on court hearings.
The Christians are concerned about safety of Bishop Nasir in Karachi where terrorists attacked one on duty General of Pakistan Armed Forces, martyred seven Christian charity workers, exploded car bombs in front of Bible society, detonated car bomb near American Consulate, killed French workers and recently killed dozens of leaders of one Muslim sect.
Dr. Nazir S Bhatti appealed to President Parvez Mushraf to take notice of Muslim groups conspiracy against Bishop T Nasir and adopt necessary measure for his safety

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