Christian Woman accused of blasphemy found innocent and set free


Lahore: October 18, 2006. Mr. Sohail Johnson, Chief Coordinator SLMP, along with two of team members visited Renala Khurd on 9th October 2006 for investigating the case of Rani Bibi.

It came in to notice of SLMP that Deputy Superintendent of Police (D.S.P) called both of parties in his office on the same day. Team reached the village and met with Rani Bibi, she told that she did not passed any derogatory remarks against Prophet Mohammad or the Holy temple (Khana Kahbah). She told that on 7th October 2006, one of her fellow villagers Haji Kareem Bukhsh's cattle entered my fields and destroyed my corps. I complained Haji Kareem and asked him to take his cattle away from my fields but he instead of taking his cattle away started abusing me. I just said him that he is pilgrim and what his pilgrimage made difference to him if he still use filthy language.
Rani told that Haji Kareem Bukhsh also beat her and she threatened him for legal action for beating her. Haji became afraid and accused Rani Bibi for desecrating Khana Kahbah (Holy Temple) and his pilgrimage just to safe his own skin. He engaged clerics of locality and misinformed them. That's why clerics and Muslim people of locality gathered and protested against her.
She told, "I am quite innocent and Haji Kareem Bukhsh accused me just to safe his own skin"

She also told that Haji and Muslim clerics offered me to confess before God and ask Him forgiveness and they will not take any legal action against her.

SLMP team was interviewing Rani Bibi meanwhile some people of locality came to her and asked to sign a stamp paper.

Mr. Chief Coordinator saw the stamp paper, that was a apologize deed by Rani Bibi, in which she confessed of desecrating pilgrimage of Haji Kareem Bukhsh.

She asked Chief Coordinator what to do, Chief Coordinator suggested her to sign the document so that she would be set free from further litigation.

In the evening Muslim clerics, Muslims of locality and some Christians went to Police office and told truth. DSP agreed with the decision of arbitrary council and set Rani Bibi free.

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