GCIC urges protection of Christians in India.


Banglore: November 18, 2006. Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) urges the national commission for Minorities and central home ministry to extend protection for Christians and the institutions managed by them.
Hindu radicals have unleashed a rein of terror in the state of Karnataka.The recent reports and of increased terrorism shows, targeting of Christians by the Hindu radicals is creating a conducive environment to facilitate operations of international terrorists in southern states of India. The indigenous terror mongers will further vitiate the peace and tranquility prevailing in India. We also appeal to the political parties and religious leaders supporting the indigenous hate mongers that if they continue to sow terror and hate they should be prepared to reap them in India and abroad in many folds
In 1991, Pastor C S John started an orphanage with two children, in Lakkavalli village, Tarikere taluk, Chikmagalur District in Karnataka state. The children stayed with the pastor`s family in their home, a small hut. In the year 2001, a friend of Pastor John sponsored a building for the orphanage and it was moved to a more spacious location in Rangahalli village, about 6 km away. Right now there are about fifty children, between the ages of 5 and 17 in the orphanage, with about 12 girls, the rest being boys, being cared for by Brother Andrew and his family. Andrew used to be one of the first inmates of the orphanage.
Since the change of government in Karnataka, there have been sporadic but growing numbers of incidents against Christians in the state. With the BJP coming to power in the coalition government, the areas where they have a strong presence have witnessed various attacks against Christians, churches, and Christian institutions. In the same vein, Pastor CS John heard of a complaint being filed against him to the District commissioner by some BJP supporters . But his efforts to get information about this failed.
On 8th November, he heard that a complaint had been filed against him in the Police station by some BJP supporters. Pastor John called on the Lakkavalli panchayat president and they held a discussion with about 25 BJP supporters, who alleged that John was visiting slums and Dalit villages and inducing the Dlaits and other poor people to convert to Christianity. Pastor Joshn vehemently denied any inducements or conversions, and challenged them to produce proof. They were not able to do so. On 11th November there were rumors afloat that a big procession was being planned against the work of CS John. Though this did not happen, on the Sunday morning, a few of the BJP activists stopped tow boys from the orphanage on the road and questioned them about their names, families and what they were being taught in the orphanage. Another young man, Prashant, the neighbour`s son, was also stopped and abused in very strong language, because his family had become Christians about ten years ago.

Two men knocked on the gate of Pastor John`s house. As he was away attending a meeting in Bhadravathi, Pramod, (the brother of Prashant) who had just been discharged from hospital and under treatment for blood cancer, came out and asked them what they wanted. He informed them that pastor was away at a meeting. The men asked his name and then assaulted Pramod and left. Pramod at once called pastor up and informed him. Pastor John contacted the Sub-Inspector on the telephone. In a few minutes the police arrived and tried, with Pramod`s help, to find the perpetrators but they had escaped.

On 13th November, one of the ringleaders called Nagesh came by Pastor John`s house. Pastor greeted him in a friendly manner. Pramod`s mother looked out of her (the neighbouring) house and Nagesh asked her name, which was Lakshmi – the name of a Hindu goddess. So he said to her " We are waiting to beat up your elder son Prashant. You converted Christians will not be allowed to enter into the church."

According to Pastor John they are planning a big procession on the 15th Nov. against the alleged conversion "activities" of Pastor John. But he adds that the local police, and the present and former MLAs are quite suppo rtive. Local Dalit groups are also coming out in support of the Christians of the area. We request your prayers for the peace and harmony and for good sense and the rule of law to prevail in the situation.It is sad that even a cancer patient is not spared by the hate moners because he happens to be christian
Th attacks are also aimed to threaten GCIC as CS John is one of the senoir rights activist attached to Global council of Indian Christians(GCIC).
My family members underwent hate and terror in our home on 6th March by the Rajasthan state police and hindu fanatics
We once again appeal to the rights organisations to have mercy on christians being persecuted for their faith

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