The Workers in Jesus Christ. By Cajetan Peter DSouza


As we focus on our vocation as workers during this Workers Day, which is also celebrated as the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, it is time for us to reflect on the apostolate of labour. This also invites us to reflect in worker that was present in Jesus Christ the Worker. Jesus Christ started his working apostolate as a child when he worked with his foster father, St Joseph as a carpenter. The tools used by the carpenters were used by him from early childhood and this continued till the age of thirty. He worked diligently and helped his foster father without grumbling or complaining.
He began his heavenly ministry at the wedding of Cana by turning water into wine and started working for His Heavenly Father healing the sick, curing the leapers, raising the dead to life, giving sight to the blind, driving out demons and evil spirits, thus enriching the apostolate of a worker.
Slowly he involved many people but twelve were chosen to administer and carry out his mission. The miracles he performed made him the worker of miracles. The worker in Jesus Christ showed love, compassion, mercy and care for all. He helped everybody despite all their shortcomings. The worker in Jesus Christ involved everyone to work to build Gods kingdom.
As we celebrate the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, we also celebrate the feast of work the gift given by God to humanity, the gift that blesses us and keeps us close to God. It helps us to understand that the work of our hands is to empower and enrich the broken humanity. The worker in Jesus Christ invites us to participate in healing the world through the virtue of work and to build a new world a new society that cares for everyone, particularly the unorganized and under-organized workers and where peace, love and justice will be the core of existence.
The Worker in Jesus Christ empowers us to stand for the downtrodden and the unorganized workers affected by inhuman labour laws and policies. It embarks in us the right to stand for justice and cries for equality and peace. The worker in Jesus Christ reciprocates with the suffering and afflicted workers. The worker in Jesus Christ invites each one of us to participate in the joy and suffering of all workers, and in particular the migrant workers and workers, who work in miserable conditions in foreign land. It shows solidarity to workers trapped in human trafficking and invites other workers to voice against such injustices.
Thus the Worker in Jesus Christ invites every Catholic worker to participate in re-living the Holy Eucharist at their places of work, church and society. It invites Catholic workers to procure power from the Holy Eucharist and to stand for God and His Glory and to bring the worker in Jesus Christ alive in us in our daily life. It enhances workers to live so simply that others would simply live.
Christian Workers Movement is one such Catholic movement of workers that empowers workers to stand for God in the light of the Holy Gospel. It takes empowerment from the Worker in Jesus Christ and fills other workers with peace, love, joy and hope. Through their various training programmes, seminars, and projects on the parish level, Diocesan and National level, the Christian Workers Movement brings workers close to the heavenly Father through the Worker in Jesus Christ. Catholic workers, professionals, business people, self employed people, home makers and other Catholics including the retired and those taken VRS/CRS are invited in the name of the Worker in Jesus Christ to join the Christian Workers Movement- the Church amongst workers and be a part of our mission of empowering workers through the parish sections. Seven members are required to start a parish section.

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