The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. By: Zairah Fatmi


Mothers are an asset, they radiate purest form of love from their heavenly existence, their faces reflect love and only love, their smiles can heal wounds and the warmth of their hands can set everything right. Mothers are angels on earth, their presence among us signifies how much God loves and cares for mankind that for every person He sends a woman who suffers all her life just to see a little smile on their faces, A woman who is so strong that she puts herself through pains and hurdles for her child yet so weak that she cannot see her baby in pain even for a while, A woman who waits for her child to sleep first and even after he sleeps she from time to time wakes up at different parts of night to check on her baby, A woman who never lets any person point their finger on her child, A woman who bears pains no one can describe in bringing her child on earth.
From the day a woman enters motherhood she forgets what she desires and starts living for her child and in that long run she devotes every single moment of her life to her child, People who are now doctors, engineers, famous actors or big scientists were all once kids, people who now deliver long speeches in big auditoriums once even didn’t know how to speak they all depended on mothers, from changing diapers to holding their fingers and making them walk it was their mother who was there by their side who knew them when no other person did, who still loves them for who they are and not for how big the posts on which they work are.
A mother who encourages you and holds your hand when you are nervous on your result day, a mother who always tells you “Yes you can”, a mother who no matter how bad you perform will always clap the loudest from the crowd, a mother who looks adorable even when she scolds you. Mothers make this world a tolerable place without that loving creature one cannot survive for long, she is the first person to deliver to you the message of love and just her tender touch makes you realize that everything will be alright, her shiny compassionate eyes give you hope for life, give you strength and make you stand up and face the whole world. They say heaven lies beneath a mother’s feet, but I say mothers are heaven within if mothers weren’t there life would be pretty colorless .A very happy Mother’s Day to all those wonderful mothers out there who make the world go round and to my mother who made life worthwhile.-Karachi

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