Indo-American Education; A Traveler’s Note. (Part II) by Fr. Anand Muttungal


The schools in America , no doubt, are places of learning in true sense where both the students and teachers learn from each other. While the students learn about the lessons they are taught in the Classes, their teachers learn about their talents, study methods, food habits and skills among many things. I was also curious to watch the schools providing nutritious food to the students in total conformity with the requirement to each student leaving no scope for any lacuna.
Moreover, the education in the US has not only given special focus the physical health of the children but also on developing their hidden skills and intellectual developments. This is precisely because, I feel, the educational institutions (schools) are beautifully managed by non-profit organizations.
I did come across schools in different states with sound proof class rooms to teach music lessons in a bid to avoid disturbance to anyone has made me wonder about the “US citizens’ concern for others”. Inculcating such great habits in the minds of students in their early formative years, no doubt, make them responsible even when they grew up. No wonder they can afford such facilities due to the huge resources at their disposal and the limited number of students.
Simultaneously, I too visited some of the Universities and colleges there. It is really encouraging to know that the higher education has given a lot of emphasis on specialization in all possible subjects. Not only that they keep updating their syllabus with the latest findings to keep them abreast with latest additions in the field of higher learning. However, it is not a so easy to get enrolled one in higher education there as it involves exorbitant amount making it impossible for a poor person to get higher education without going for scholarship in their language and loan in our (Indian) language. Most of the cases, the scholarships will have to be paid back. In many cases the borrower will have to be in debt most part of his/ her life by paying back the installments.
When it is compared with the higher education in India there is no better way to put it in proper perspective than quoting the recent statement made by none other than American ambassador to India , Timothy J Roeme. The US diplomat, ahead of his visit to Mumabi and Pune on May 10, this year said, “this will be my first visit to Pune and I look forward to seeing this dynamic city. It is known as the ‘ Oxford of the East’, and with more than 100 educational institutes and nine universities, it certainly deserves this designation. I am especially impressed by the large number of foreign students the city hosts. At the University of Pune alone, there are over 14,000 foreign students from over 99 countries. As a result of this intellectual vibrancy, Pune’s businesses in the technology and creative sectors lead their industries”. He speaks about only Pune but if we look into the development of education in the entire India one must say that India must be one of most flourishing educational hubs in the world that can offer education at affordable rate to everyone.
The Government and private run educational institutions have created a blend of quality education, no doubt, at the reach of everyone in India and those willing from abroad. The education loans starting from rupees one lakh, (2,273,US $) to ten lakhs, (22730, US $) would be sufficient enough to do professional studies in any field in a reputed institute in India . The re-payment of loan is made in affordable installments after six months of the person finding a job.
Then, why Indians go foreign countries to pursue their higher education? I find only two reasons: Firstly, the British ruled Indians feel pride in saying that they are foreign returned. Secondly, they find an easy way to migrate to developed countries leaving us to develop this nation. I feel that India has one of the better education systems in the world heading towards the best.

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