A mother’s love………. By Sara Adam.


Can you imagine what its like to be separated from your mother because she is an unbeliever? The most precious of relationships is a mother and her child. I was very close to my mother…but the day I became a Christian, I sensed a great torment

The same mother who raised me and sacrificed so much so that I might have an education and a better life, now would rather see Islam triumph than see me rise as a Christian.

It’s a very tough dilemma. But throughout all of this turmoil, one thing never changes. My love for my mother is stronger than ever, and when she curses the Christians who care for me and encourage me in my walk, I feel so much compassion for her. Because I realize that her Islam keeps her in fear of embracing the Truth. The Truth that Jesus loves her so much.

Some days she will bless me with a meal, which she cooks lovingly, other days she will ring me up and tell me that I am going to hell because I am not a Muslim.

Yet throughout this journey, Jesus reminds me to love her. And for all the times I feel alone He wraps His loving arms around me and tells me you are my child.

In the same way, it brings tears to my eyes when I hear about the Muslim persecution of Christians in the East, and I wonder if they recall how precious these children are to their mothers.

Surely what we all have in common irrespective of whether we are Muslim or Christian is that our mothers bore us and really love us. And when a Muslim kills another innocent Christian, he deprives a mother of her child. What difference is it between a Muslim mother losing her child to murder and a Christian mother losing a child to murder! There is none, the pain they endure is the same. Perhaps this realization that there are so many mothers who love their children are being deprived of part of their body should make the sinner turn from his or her way, and instead pray for them.

I love the Blessed Virgin Mary, she loved her Son Jesus but she was so patient and walked along as He healed many people and spent all His time-sharing the Good News of God to the hungry people. Surely she is an example to all of us, of a mother who greatly loved her child, but was willing to LET GO, so that He might continue His work on earth.

My prayer is that our mothers are willing to let go of their children so that they may be greatly used by our Lord and Savior to continue His Good work on earth. Amen

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