Reflections on Christmas. By Sara Adams. UK


Living in the West means being surrounded by many symbols of the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ during the month of December. Nativity scenes and carol singers in shopping malls, children excited about giving and receiving presents, families getti

It was lovely being surrounded by all the celebrations, but it reminded me that I was alone. So I sat at home wondering what Christmas really meant for me.

And then it suddenly dawned on me, Its all about JESUS!

Some people have argued that Jesus wasn’t even born in December, whilst others argue that many of the festivities are tainted with pagan rituals. But none of that seemed important.

What REALLY mattered was the FACT that Jesus was BORN. It was awesome reflecting on His MIRACULOUS birth and what makes Him so special.

So I concentrated on celebrating His birth the only way I knew how! By singing His praises, and worshipping Him! I am not here to criticise the different ways people are celebrating Christmas because I believe that everybody has a different way of celebrating and its lovely, what is important is that we celebrate His birthday!

Some people told me that they didn’t even celebrate His birthday, they were more concerned with His Resurrection and I was stunned. So I turned around and asked them if they celebrated their own birthday. Why of course we do! They replied. And my response was well whose birthday is more important our own or our Saviours???

Believe me, it made a lot of people think and re-evaluate their position!

My request to you today, is to celebrate the many blessings that God has bestowed upon us in particular family! So many people argue with each other, but Christmas is a wonderful time to FORGIVE and unite with each other. There are so many people who are not so blessed with family and would give so much to be celebrating with family.

But NEVER forget, we as a Christian Church are a UNIQUE family in CHRIST JESUS, and we owe it to each other to UNITE and forget our differences.

Surely, the happiest and joyous occasion of CHRISTS BIRTH is to be honoured and NEVER forgotten……………………………….....

And don’t forget, as you celebrate, that its not about presents, or parties or other worldly things but about something a lot more precious, its about HIS HEAVENLY PRESENCE !!! Hallelujah!

I pray you had a blessed Christmas and the next one will be filled with HIS Love and Forgiveness for one another. JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON! AMEN!

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