Becoming an asylum seeker is a crime for Pakistani Christian. By Teena Khan


Getting saved from Pakistan’s torture, if Pakistani Christians come to Bangkok, even this has become a crime. If they were in Pakistan, they would have been burnt alive. They come to Bangkok to save their own life but even here where is it safe? In Pakistan one would have been burnt alive, here in jails, due to sickness, problems hunger and thirst one dies.
In Pakistan they die in one incident, but here they die every day due to many reasons. In Pakistan, young man die in police hands and in their homes they are burnt alive. Pakistani Christians in Malaysia, sri lanka and Bangkok due to fear of immigration die and live every day. Today this is the situation in Bangkok. All day peoples take their children in hot scorching sunlight to churches and schools and sometime in UNHCR centers and run for safety, but even there is no safety. All centers close their doors. Now where do we go?
Becoming an asylum seeker has become a crime. Those who have been given 4-5 years period for final interview with UNHCR, What do they do? Is it that with their little children, they live in jails for 5years? In Pakistan our Christian children, even if they get good education, do not get good jobs. But they’d survive on small jobs.
In Bangkok, we cannot even afford education. In Bangkok our children are getting older without education. What is their future? I have an appeal from all NGO,s, papa Thong chai,pope Francis and UNHCR to remove all Pakistani Christians from jail and stop this operation in Bangkok.

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