NADRA denies accepting Church Birth and Death Certificates for “National Identity Card of Christian”; By Rev. FS Bhatti


It is tragedy with Christian in Pakistan by NADRA Office. Yesterday I went with my father to get “Family Form” from NADRA Office Ko- Hi Noor Faisalabad. My father is old man, I stand in the row in his place when number will come, I will call my father before officer for making family form, after half an hour and my number came before officer of NADRA office that makes “National Identify Card for citizen”. When He looked to me and said to me that online system had been suddenly off. I was surprised. All member of row Pakistani citizen started to say, Government of Pakistan is corrupt and they were saying that Government of Pakistan is dirty Government. Officer referred me that we should go to Hockey Stadium NADRA Office Faisalabad, We came back to home because time office was going to off in other office.
Today I again went with my father to “NADRA Office Hockey Stadium Faisalabad” for making “Family Form” from NADRA Office, as we entered in office, someone guided us as he was waiting for us, and he told us to go to computer no. 3. I asked him to make “Family Form”, He answered me, System is off for next 12 days, I was again surprised, then I went officer of Office, I asked sir, what is this kind system you are running, yesterday, I went to executive office of NADRA, they told us their online system is just off, Officer asked me what is matter, I told him,
We need family form from NADRA Office, My father was with me. Officer asked me, do we have all family members original National Identity Card. I said yes, we have, then he got all Identity cards from me for checking, then He said to me that our two members my father family had not been enrolled in my father’s family code number but others. Then I asked, how we can get them into our family form, then he said to me. My father will have to renew Identity card, Even My Father renew Identity last years.
Then I showed him, last Identity Card “B Form of our family” where we all family members are enrolled. Officer told me that this last “B Form” is not valid for computerized Identity cards. I was again surprised, Then I asked Sir, one family member National Identity is not made in computerized system, we want to make it, we need family Form, He said to me, we must give him “Union counsel birth certificate” for making New Identity Card. Then I asked ok, can they accept our “Church Birth certificate” where all Christian are baptized.
Officer said that church birth Certificate is not valid for NADRA Office, it was heart breaking and torturing for me that they had condemned Church Certificate for our Identity.
Even whenever anyone makes New and renew Identify Card, they asked Parents National Identity Cards. How they had taken out two member of family from “Parent Father’s Family Form” it shows that they did intentionally.
Even My cousin Identity card name was changed as Muhammad Asif; there are so many reports that names had been already changed as Ahmed with names. It means how they are converting Christian families through NADRA Office to prepare them mentally to change their Identity Cards or Family Forms by rejecting Church Birth Certificates. It is conversion by forces and tricks.

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