'Pakistan flag in Gilani's meeting' - Only Hindus of Jammu can save India from atrophy and ultimate death: By Hem Raj Jain


In modern age of IT revolution the constitutionally mandated freedom of expression has assumed new interpretations and has become very liberal. In other democracies as in USA, people file petition in court for separation from country, make under-wears out of national flag and even burn & openly trample upon it and US President (in UN 2012 speech quoting freedom of expression) refuses to ban video about Prophet Mohammed which killed agitating hundreds of Muslims across the world. Hence there is no reason why should India mind if during last one month in meetings of Asiya Andrabi or Masarat Alam or Gilani (all separatists) the flags of Pakistan were hoisted in Kashmir.
Because unlike India USA is not a martially deficient country hence things are not that simple in India especially regarding Kashmir. Therefore it requires a martial solution, as given below, to entire Kashmir problem (and not merely to Pakistan flag hoisting irritant) :-
(1)- India has become martially deficient due to three reasons:-
(i)- The impact of Jainism and Buddhism on Indians who wrongly interpreted non-violence. This adversely impacted Mahatma Gandhi also who did not realize the importance of military (hence did not raise guns for freedom) and allowed communal rights to happen (during pre-independence Congress governments) which sowed the seed of communal divide and ultimately trifurcated India (with ~ one million killed and ~ ten million displaced with huge bloodshed, loot, rape etc - so much for the non-violent freedom struggle led by Mahatma Gandhi).
(ii)- Due to prejudices of Hinduism (including from its caste system) productive forces of Hindus (working class working with hands and producing hard power) is looked down upon as lamented by Kancha Ilaiah ( a dalit leader) too in an article in prominent media where he attributed this social prejudices the main reason for the lack of progress of manufacturing sector in India [ Anyone visiting USA for the first time is struck by vast difference in the respectful way USA treats its working class in contrast to humiliating way in which Hindu India treats its working class]
(iii)- There is nothing wrong in reservation per-se (in order to give representation only in government services to any group of citizen if it wants so). But democracy presupposes higher moral of citizens than of State functionaries. Hence giving reservation with demoralizing tag of Dalits (oppressed) and various categories of Backwards (which all constitute majority of India) has brought Indian State to the demoralized (martially deficient) level of this majority of India.
(2)- This martial deficiency of Hindu majority India not only resulted in Communal forces becoming stronger in pre-independence India and which resulted in partition but it continued in post independent India too. With the result theocratic Pakistan tried militarily to take Muslim Kashmir many times but so-called secular India did not try to take Muslim POK militarily, not even once. The martial deficiency of Hindus can be gauged from the simple fact that hundreds of thousands of Hindu Kashmiri Pandits were driven out of Kashmir through violence
(3)- In Pakistan no one can think that Hindus can drive out Muslims from their area through violence. In India Sangh Parivar could mobilize hundreds of thousands of persons from late eighties on-wards for effrontery to Supreme Court of India by demolition of Babri Masjid (and in its related agitations / communal riots ) but has not mobilized volunteers (first from late eighties on-wards to stop the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir and now) for rehabilitation of DKPs.
(4)- This martial deficiency of Hindu majority India has made Indian Muslims (including from J&K) to keep Islam first and India (patriotism) second in their priorities. Indian Muslims will never demand that India should take its territory POK military from Pakistan (though everyone knows that without taking POK by India, there is no Kashmir solution).
(5)- Because Hindus form rest of India (being martially deficient) will not demand retrieve of POK militarily hence it has become incumbent on Hindus of J&K (especially of Jammu) to invoke their martial spirit (out of necessity in order to live honorable life in Muslim majority J&K) as given below:-
(i)- Hindus of Jammu should immediately launch a human rights NGO for the specific & unstated purpose of solving chronic & gory Kashmir problem
(ii)- This NGO should file writ petition in J&K High Court (giving data about crimes & excesses committed by security forces on civilians in J&K) to ask Government of India (GOI) that (i)- Why instead of retrieving POK the security forces of India are showing their ‘bravery’ by training their guns on citizens of India and (ii)- When will GOI retrieve POK (militarily or otherwise) so that the deployment of military and para – military forces in civilian areas of J&K (including AFSPA) can be removed.
(iii)- This NGO should work for getting justice to Kashmiri women who were raped etc by security forces (if what is mentioned at http://www.justicefoundation.co.uk/display/?contentId=406&type=14 is true).
(iv)- This NGO should also work for rehabilitation of Displaced Kashmiri Pandits (DKPs) among people in Kashmir and not in separate colonies (posh ghettos, as GOI is envisaging wrongly)
If Hindus of Jammu do not show any concern about the well being of Hindu majority India (and do not launch said NGO) then nobody can stop the atrophy of India and its ultimate death sooner than later.

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