Opposition is targeting Sushma Swaraj and Narendra Modi / Amit Shah with kid-gloves. By Hem Raj Jain


Though opposition parties (Congress, AAP, Communist Parties etc) are targeting Minister of Foreign Affairs Sushma Swaraj in [Lalit Modi’s travel document (from UK to Portugal) controversy] by press conferences media debates, demonstrations etc, but their opposition lacks legal & political teeth and even credibility among people of India, unless opposition does course correction on following three points:-
(1)- The Supreme Court has appointed the Special Investigation Team (SIT), headed by former apex court judge Justice M B Shah for black-money probe. Because Lalit Modi is involved in black money amounting Rupees hundreds of crores, the opposition by this time should have petitioned this SIT to probe this Lalit Modi case also (regarding black money), but opposition has not done it so-far.
(2)- Though opposition has demanded FIR against Sushma Swaraj for helping fugitive Lalit Modi. But so-far opposition has NEITHER demanded Criminal Contempt petition by Government of India to be filed against Sushma Swaraj in all Courts (including Delhi High Court) which have been dealing with passport revocation case and various cases related to money laundering, FEMA violations, betting, match fixing etc by Lalit Modi NOR opposition itself has moved such Criminal Contempt Petition in these Courts.
[This Criminal Contempt petition in Courts will be under section 2 ( C) (ii) (iii) of Contempt of Court Act for interfering and tending to interfere with the due course of judicial proceeding of the Courts and interfering and tending to interfere with and obstructing and tending to obstruct, the administration of justice by the Courts].
(3)- BJP has been criticized by opposition for spending huge money in election which allegedly comes from black money too. Amit Shah, apart from other reasons, was made BJP President By PM Modi because he arranges such funds for BJP. This Lalit Modi episode shows that how Narendra Modi (through Amit Shah) arranges funds out of black money from people like Lalit Modi. But opposition has not highlighted this point.

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