Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s father was Hindu converted to Shia Muslim. By Nazir S Bhatti


Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC said in a statement here today that Pakistani Muslim historians are liars and tools of establishment who have never written truth about Pakistan Movement, founder of Pakistan and role of Christians in formation of Pakistan.
“Bias Pakistani Muslim writers never stated facts that father of Founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah was practicing Hindu when Mohammad Ali Jinnah was born and later converted to Islam not on teaching of Islam but as protest to his Hindu clan who expelled grandfather of Mohammad Ali Jinnah from community on adopting dry fish business while that Hindu community was vegetarian” said Nazir Bhatti
It is on record that when Punjalal Thakkar, father of Mohammad Ali Jinnah moved to Karachi he was not a rich but lived for long time in rented apartment in Wazir Ali Mansion in Karachi.
The name of founder of Pakistan in his matriculation examination is written as M. Z Thakkar and if any Pakistani Muslim historian or Pakistan establishment challenges this fact then it is very important that mark sheet may be released or shown on electronic media of Pakistan.
Nazir Bhatti said that it is historic fact that Premjibhai Thakkar, a Lohana Hindu, grandfather of Mohammad Ali Jinnah was resident of village Moti Paneli near porbandar and started his fishing business from Veraval town of Gujrat Khatiwar on which the Lohana Hindu community ostracized his family from community. Premjibhai Thakkar extended forgiveness to his Lohana community but elders refused his entry on which Punjalal Thakkar, father of Mohammad Ali Jinnah was very angry and complaining about it. The enraged Punjalal Thakkar converted to Shia Islam of Agha Khan sect. Punjalal Thakkar after converting to Islam changed names of his four sons including Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Agha Khani mosque in Rajkot. Later when Dina, daughter of Mohammad Ali Jinnah wanted to marry a Parsi individual he opposed this marriage as a Muslim.
“Every Pakistani pays homage to Mohammad Ali Jinnah on his struggle to form Pakistan and calls him Father of Nation but it is moral obligation of historians that truth may be presented for students in schools, colleges and universities for studies and for general public which is entirely damaged on intimation of establishment to lead Pakistan on wrong directions which was not aim of Quaid-e-Azam nor objectives of Pakistan Movement” added Nazir Bhatti
Nazir Bhatti said when a country or its establishment or its historian can change biography of Founder of that country then it is very easy for them to contaminate Pakistan Movement and role of Christians in formation of Pakistan.
Nazir Bhatti challenged Pakistani Muslim historians to debate on biography of Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his aim to form Pakistan and his leadership in Pakistan Movement.
Dr. Nazir S Bhatti demanded inclusion of role of Christians in formation of Pakistan and their due share in resources of Pakistan as promised by founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah for Christians vote for formation of Pakistan in Round Table Conferences in London in 1930-32 and vote before Boundary Commission to divide Punjab and fall Western Punjab in lot of Pakistan.

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