Indian Muslims & Hindus think- ‘World doesn’t understand their communal drama in J&K’: By Hem Raj Jain


Unpatriotic Hindus of J&K allows Farooq Abdullah, Geelani and Naidu to flaunt their communal prejudices & lack of loyalty for Kashmir / J&K / India
Ref:- (i)- Abdullah, Geelani and Naidu care more for Islam & Hinduism than Kashmir / J&K / India (ii)- Like communal Congress the communal NC, APHC and BJP never demanded retrieve of POK, the only solution to Kashmir problem (iii)- Till genuinely secular party emerges in India, vulgar communal drama in J&K will continue
--- As per media reports the Chairman of All Party Hurriyat Conference (APHC) Syed Ali Geelani has termed the waving of “ISIS” flags in a peaceful demonstration as an act “against discipline and wisdom,” saying that “It gives a reason to New Delhi to defame our genuine freedom struggle (just fight for our right to self-determination) by linking it with the global terrorism to prepare an adverse environment for the Kashmir movement in the international forums,” Whereas National Conference chief Farooq Abdullah on Friday said “[ With ISIS and Pakistani flags being repeatedly displayed in Kashmir, it was an expression of "anger" and "frustration" by the youth who want to "wake up the nation". The former Chief Minister and Union Minister Farooq said "none of us has bothered about them" and there is no way for them to express themselves other than displaying such flags]”. This statement of Abdullah was condemned by senior BJP leader and Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu who on Saturday said “[I don’t agree with him (Farooq Abdullah) at all. It’s totally wrong and unjustifiable to support such a move. Any amount of local anger, frustration and unhappiness cannot be cause for an Indian to raise these flag. It is totally unjustifiable]”.
Going by these statements rest of the World may be tempted to believe that Abdullahs (and their party NC) and Geelani (and APHC) bother about Kashmir (and Kashmiris) and Naidu (and his party BJP) cares about sovereignty of India. But there is nothing farthest from truth. It is time rest of the mankind understands the reality of gory and chronic Kashmir problem where Indian Muslims & Hindus think that World doesn’t understand their ugly communal dram in J&K, as explained below:-
(1)- Everyone knows that without unification of Kashmir there is no Kashmir solution and without which there can not be economic or other progress in J&K. Pakistan tried this many time (through military approach in 1947, 1948, 1965, 1971, during Kargil etc) but could not succeed due to India being six times than Pakistan. On the contrary (unlike Hindu Goa) Hindu majority India does not want to retrieve Muslim POK because (i)- Hindu majority India does not want to shed its blood for Muslim POK (ii)- Due to deep rooted animosity and hatred of ~ one thousand years, given a choice Hindus do not want / like to live with Muslims and (iii)- Given reckon-able military strength of nuclear Pakistan, retrieve (militarily) of POK will lead to unification of India & Pakistan which communal forces both in India & Pakistan do not want (because both are having field-day and monopoly in respective countries).
(2)- To what extent Hindu dislike living with Muslims can be gauged from the simple fact that even Hindus of J&K (who are under influence and spell of ‘Sangh Parivar’ the BJP, RSS, VHP etc) do not demand the retrieve of POK. This is precisely the unpatriotic attitude of Hindus of J&K which allowed Farooq Abdullah, Geelani and Naidu to issue said statements which in reality flaunt their lack of loyalty for Kashmir / J&K / India despite crocodile tears shed by them for Kashmir, Kashmiris, J&K and India. The NC, APHC and other Muslims and their parties and organizations in Kashmir do not demand retrieve of POK because they care more for Islam and less for Kashmir. These Kashmiri Muslims (rather other Muslims too of India) don’t want Hindu India to go for military solution for retrieve of POK from the clutches of theocratic Muslim Pakistan.
(3)- Muslim League (led by Jinnah etc) was communal in a crude way whereas Congress (led by Gandhi, Nehru, Patel etc) was communal in subtle way therefore India was trifurcated in 1947. The BJP has communal bent of mind is not hidden from rest of the world. Therefore if these two major parties (Congress and BJP) do not demand retrieve of POK then it is understandable. But other political parties( who claim to be secular and even leftist) also do not demand retrieve of POK because of the same reason that Hindus do not want / like to live with Muslims.
Therefore unless a genuinely secular political party emerges in India, this ugly communal drama being played by Muslims and Hindus of India will continue in J&K. Hence rest of the mankind till then need not be carried away by rhetoric and theatrics of Indians (about Kashmir and its problems) rather should take this vulgar communal drama for what it really is.

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