Humanity and Religion: By Shafqat Bashir


Whole world is shaken by the incident happen with Syrian asylum seekers. Three-year-old Alan from Kobani in northern Syria died from drowning in the Aegean Sea. He couldn’t make it but he has opened the doors for millions who were seeking asylum.
I live in a Muslim Country and I’ve observed many protests if any Muslims in the world is being victimized by any other religion. For example Palestine, Kashmir, Bosnia, India etc. Slogans of Muslim brotherhood and warnings for others become main theme of these protests, even though burning flags of those countries who are involved in such clashes with Muslims. I was impressed by the love and brotherhood in Islam. And its all vanished now. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, U.A.E, Turkey and other Muslim countries were not nearer to Syria. These countries are famous for their personal luxuries, Tallest Buildings, Bathrooms made of gold, Cars made of Gold and Diamond, spending money on girls for lustful desires. Few of them may have spent some money for social welfare but that’s just like one little tiny fish in a sea. When Muslims of Syria need their support and land, they have shown their backs. My question, where is now brotherhood, where is love, where is nationalism, forget everything where is your humanity of which you talk about and teach others.
Pagans have given everything to save human beings. Pagans have taken all necessary actions to rescue the innocent children. Pagans have launched emergency operations to settle down the immigrants. Pagans have donated billions of Euros and Dollars for the food and other daily commodities.
Everyone must praise the efforts of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She has written her name in Golden Words by her acts, by serving humanity, by showing what actually religion taught.
Everyone must praise the struggles of Pope Francis who has called on every European Catholic Church to give shelters to Syrian asylum seekers.
Humanity is the soul of Religion.

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