Why Hollande humiliatingly begging before ungrateful USA to join war against ISIS? By Hem Raj Jain


Either nowadays American history is not being taught in schools and colleges of USA or Americans have conveniently & ungratefully forgotten that it was the combined Franco-American force of 18,900 men which began besieging Lord Cornwallis in early October when Cornwallis decided his position was becoming untenable and he surrendered his entire army of over 7,000 men on October 19, 1781. France which fought shoulder to shoulder with Americans for American Independence in the final and crucial phase of war ironically today has to humiliatingly beg before USA to join it in war against ISIS (under Article 5 of NATO). If France is left with any self respect then its President Hollande should neither come to USA nor should go to Russia (which will further complicate the matter due to Russia seen with Shias hence triggering Shia - Sunni conflict) and instead France should do the following to get justice for the hundreds of people killed and injured in terrorist attacks on Friday in its capital Paris:-
(1)- First of all France should not try to bring an atom bomb to kill a fly. ISIS is not such a formidable military power that France should beg before USA or Russia for bringing ISIS to justice. Rather France alone (if no other country joins it) can do it with its military and other resources. (As far the financial burden of this expedition the territory under ISIS is oil rich and France can easily get compensation / damages / reparations for this expedition).
(2)- France seems to be worried that how will it come out of ISIS territory (mainly of Syria and even of Iraq if necessary) after military victory over ISIS. In this regard France need not worry because France can keep this ISIS territory under its political regulation by granting independence to this ISIS territory but regulating its vital political process by keeping head offices of two institutions registered at Paris for (ii)- Multi National Political Parties (MNPP) which will also be allowed to contest election in ISIS territories (ii)- HRNGOs [registered at Human Rights Commission of France which will ensure human rights in ISIS territory too on the pattern of Mandatory Protocol MP-1 (and not OP-1) of ICCPR of UN ] which will provide volunteers (from other countries too) for assisting in elections (under secular and federal constitution) and other civilian work during stabilization process in ISIS territory.
(3)- But this expedition will succeed only when France publicly ask the religious leaders of Muslims of entire world and especially of France (and not from the ordinary Muslims as US Prez Obama has mistakenly done) to ask / question the religious leaders of Sunni Islam of ISIS territory that -
(i)- How could ISIS perpetrate atrocities and cruelties on civilians (of ISIS territory and of other countries through terrorism) including on children, women and old people when millions of people of ISIS territory (including ISIS fighter) were coming to them at-least on every Friday for Namaz?
(ii)- Does it not mean that all these cruelties and terrorist acts were carried out by ISIS in the knowledge or with the approval of these religious leaders of Sunni Islam of ISIS territories?
(iii)- Does it not prove that Islam is not a religion of peace and its religious leaders have developed a vested interest in ISIS which wants to enforce Sharia Laws (through bloodshed) which ultimately empower clergy of Sunni Islam in Caliphate?

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