Kuwait Arrests Members of ISIS Cell: Action Taken after Massacre of Shia Muslims. By Murad Makhmudov, Takeshi Hasegawa and Lee Jay Walker


The nation of Kuwait was visibly shocked when ISIS (Islamic State – IS) attacked a Shia Mosque in June. This brutal event led to the deaths of 27 people and once more it highlights the utter anti-Shia hatred that is so powerful within ISIS. However, ISIS did not gain from this barbaric action because immediately Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims game together in Kuwait.
Equally important, the ruling elites in Kuwait made it abundantly clear that they would not tolerate internal sectarianism. Therefore, the barbaric attack by ISIS against innocent Shia Muslims in Kuwait ushered in universal solidarity.
The seriousness of the response by Kuwait can be seen by the arrest of an ISIS cell within the kingdom. This news is most welcoming for all Kuwaiti citizens given the delicate sectarian nature of many regional nations. Also, it is clear evidence that the ruling elites are intent on tackling the ISIS agenda based on its sectarian worldview.
BBC media reports: “Kuwait has arrested members of an alleged cell accused of supplying funds and weapons to the so-called Islamic State (IS)…. A Lebanese national named Osama Khayat allegedly confessed to buying ammunition and rockets for IS, said the Kuna state news agency, citing the interior ministry.”
It is known that five other individuals have also been arrested. Immediately after the brutal attack against a Shia mosque a group called the Najd Province claimed responsibility for the deaths of 27 people in June. The Najd Province is one of many different international affiliates to ISIS.
Equally important, according to the BBC the interior ministry in Kuwait indicated that: “the cell had been helping to recruit fighters and raised money that was being funnelled to an IS-related bank account in Turkey.”
Hopefully, the interior ministry will garner valuable information from individuals involved in this cell and how ratlines exist with Turkey in relation to ISIS.
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