Melania Trump approves idea of Kashmiri women meeting her for Kashmir solution. By Hem Raj Jain


Sub:- Kashmiris cheer-up! At-last the immediate end of seemingly endless sufferings & human-rights-violations of Kashmiris is in sight
Nothing can be better news for Kashmiris than the approval of US First Lady Melania Trump of idea of Kashmiri Women meeting her for Kashmir solution. This approval has come from Melania Trump in the form of message I got on March, 9 that my following post has been approved and is now visible on Facebook page of First Lady Melania Trump
Hemraj Jain writes to First Lady Melania Trump
Sub:- Trumps will readily take interest in finding Kashmir solution if Kashmiris also take interest
The way Prez Trump is getting bogged down in domestic controversies (first the defeat in District and Circuit Court in the matter of executive order about immigration then resignation of National Security Adviser Gen Flynn on Russia connection and now controversy over Attorney General Session about Russia connection etc) - it will be difficult for Prez Trump to function properly if he immediately does not start doing something spectacular and admirable on foreign front.
Though there are many global problems where millions of people are suffering (life & properties lost, injuries, displacement, sexual harassment etc in NAME region especially in Syria, Ukraine etc) but these problems were during Obama administration also hence any attempt by Prez Trump to solve these problems will invite controversies in this politically surcharged atmosphere in USA. Therefore Prez Trump should keep these problems on second priority
It will go a long way in enhancing the credibility and clout of Prez Trump not only in USA but all over the world if Prez Trump on first priority starts finding solution to gory and chronic Kashmir problem [which has nowadays has become the most important matter especially due to interest China is taking in any dispute between India and Pakistan in view of ‘China Pakistan Economic Corridor’ (CPEC) factor]
Kashmiris on both side of LOC should grab this opportunity to solve Kashmir problem by contacting Ambassadors of USA in India and Pakistan. Also Kashmiris in USA should contact US Secretary of State and US Permanent Representative in UN and ultimately Prez Trump to solve Kashmir problem so that human rights of tens millions of bleeding and weeping Kashmiris can be restored.
Because Kashmiri women have suffered maximum due to gory and chronic Kashmir problem, it will be very helpful if Kashmiris (especially Kashmiri women) contact Prez Trump through First Lady Melania Trump who (as mentioned on her White House Website) cares deeply about issues impacting women & children and cares for human rights of the people.
Now when Melania has concurred with the idea of Kashmiri Women meeting Melania for Kashmir solution, the Kashmiris (especially Kashmiri women) should waste no time and should prepare (about their passport, visa, appointment first with First Lady Melania Trump and then Prez Donald Trump etc) for going to USA (preferably in April 2017 itself) for meeting Melania.
It will go a long way in getting solution to Kashmir problem if Kashmiris (especially Kashmiri women) before going to USA take out marches first in Srinagar, J&K and then in Delhi to US Embassy to thank First Lady Melania for showing interest which is bound to solve gory and chronic Kashmir problem.

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