4th Anniversary of Joseph Colony Incident and acquitting of Accused. By Noel Alfonce


A very sad incidence was took place on 9th March 2013, when 1000 of Muslims attack on Joseph Colony, a Christian located area, due to the allegation of blasphemy of Islamic Prophet.
Three days before the attack took place, Sawan Masih a resident of Joseph colony was accused of blasphemy of Islamic Prophet, arrested by the police and charged under blasphemy law, after Friday Prayer many Muslims stoned Sawan’s House and brutally beat his elderly father.
On the very next day a mob of more 3000 Muslims get together and attack a Colony, they stolen valuables and burn Christian houses, shops and 02 Churches, they disgrace Holy Bible, burnt Cross of the church (Picture was become viral in press and social media).
No Christian was injured or dead, they already flee from the area a night before this incident took place, as per police instruction, and the area was empty and mob did what they want to do, nobody from the administration was there to stop them.
Punjab Police arrest more than 100 Muslims with the help of On 28th January this year, Justice Choudhry Muhammad Azam (Judge of anti-terrorism court) acquitted all 100+ Muslims due to non-sufficient proves, although video and press photo was there as proves.
Christian Circle totally reject the decision of the court and says, that they decision was discriminative and one sided.
Rev. Fr. Ashir Iftikhar said, Police arrest all the accused by CCTV Photos and photos published by newspapers, I don’t understand what kind of more proofs need for the justice, we can pray for those who burnt the colony, that Almighty God bless them and guide them to the right way.
Ps. Gulzar said: it’s totally injustice with the venerable community of Pakistan that they are facing such a bad injustice circumstances here, the judgment shows that we are not equal citizens of Pakistan.
Actually this decision is another example of injustice with religious minorities, we also understand that there are some hurdles which judges are facing in these kind of cases, said Dr. Javed, he added if they were not participate in burning the house, shops and Churches, then who did that and why Police not arrest that persons.
Many Christians are flying to other countries to save their lives, they are so many Christians and Ahmedis are in Sri lanka and Thailand for seeking asylum over there, although they know that Thailand is not a signatory of UN Refugees Convention of 1951.
Yes we were knew the situation of Thailand and we knew that Thailand is not a signatory of 1951 Convention but still we decided to come over here, now we feel more safe than our own country, where we were born and raised u, because it is very easy to take Thailand’s visa; either you go there to Embassy of use Agent for this, said Riaz, (Fake Name) who is seeking Asylum in Thailand with his family.
Another Asylum seeker, told me on phone, “we were living happy life in Pakistan but due to security, we felt that we are not safe in Pakistan, so before anything bad happen with us, we deiced to leave, I have three daughters and I can’t able to bear anything bad, but we still love Pakistan, Pakistan is our homeland and it’s in our heart, only few people who are trying to destroy the peace of our homeland actually they are working very hard to bringing the bad image of Pakistan in front of the world, We still feel Proud to be Pakistani” while she was talking, she start crying, I asked her why you are crying, she replied in cried voice, “Brother I am missing my Pakistan.
Pakistani Government and authorities are not only failed to protect Religious Minorities but to bring justice for them, on the fourth anniversary of Joseph colony Lahore, my 13 years old daughter asked me same question which she asked when Suicide bomber attack the All Saints Church in Peshawar “Dad are we safe in Pakistan”?
I have no answer, because if I say Yes, then she will ask about the bad incidents were took places and if I say “No” then definitely she will be scared about her future. I am still trying to find a good answer for her who can satisfy her, Can anyone help me to give satisfactory answer to her?

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