For complete Syria solution, Indian Muslims should move GOI to offer 10 million Muslims. By Hem Raj Jain


US military strike of Friday in Syria (in view of alleged chemical attack on Syrians by Syrian regime) should not be a merely punitive action rather it should lead to permanent Syria solution because Syrians have already suffered a lot during last 6 years in the name of ‘Arab-spring’ and now they should get succor by installing democracy in Syria by USA and its Allies.
USA has already accused Russia of complicity with Syrian President Assad in said Tuesday chemical attack [in which ~ 84 civilians (including children) have reportedly died and many more still injured / suffering]. Therefore it will serve no purpose if matter is taken to UN where at-least Russia (if not China) will use Veto to stop any US initiative to find permanent solution to gory Syria problem. Therefore USA should proceed alone along with allies (from Christian and Muslim countries) whichever wants to join ‘US led Peace Keeping Force (PKF) and Election machinery (m/cry)’ which will ensure free and fair election in Syria after bringing peace and thereafter preparing voter list in Syria, in a time bound program of say one year.
For this ‘US led PKF and Election m/cry’, India which (with much smaller population) provided ~ 2 million persons (mostly military) to Britishers during World War I & II each, now with population of ~ 1.3 billion people (with ~ 200 million Muslims) can easily provide ~ 10 million persons (including for Election m/cry). If this Indian contingent in ‘US led PKF and Election m/cry’ is composed of mostly Indian Muslims (both Sunnis and Shias) then it will easily win the confidence and trust of Syrians and it will go a long way in bringing peace and stability to Syria. This model can be emulated later on in other troubled countries of NAME region also.
Therefore Indian Muslims (combined of Sunnis and Shias with other Indians) should immediately organize demonstrations at District and State headquarters and also at Jantar-Mantar Delhi and their delegation (combined of Sunnis and Shias with other Indians) should meet GOI to request that India should offer persons (eve up-to 10 million or more) to ‘US led PKF and Election m/cry’ and for which this Muslim delegation should tell GOI that Indian Muslims are prepared to provide the entire requirement of these ~ 10 million Indians.
Nothing will be better service of Islam by Indian Muslims than helping ~ 22 million profusely bleeding and weeping beleaguered Muslims of Syria (and may be later on beleaguered Muslims of NAME region).

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