Despite many short-comings USA remains the last hope for suffering mankind. By Hem Raj Jain


Trump’s wish for USA to lead the world getting frustrated due to lack of will: Whatever may be the short-comings of USA (and there are many) but fact is that USA remains the last hope for suffering mankind. Hence after April, 7 US missile attack on Syria as a punishment for alleged chemical attack by Syrian government on civilians when Prez Trump said that USA will lead the free-world especially where human rights issues are concerned then there was jubilation in human-rights-loving people all across the world. But soon the hopes are getting belied for the simple reason that whatever has happened afterwards does not inspire any confidence in Trump-administration as it does not seem to be moving in right direction regarding solution to four major problems namely Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan and North Korea as mentioned below:-
(1)- USA is under legal obligation under ‘Budapest Memorandum 1994’ to ensure the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Previous US Administration of Obama not only irresponsibly allowed its European Allies to instigate rebels against democratically elected government of Ukraine resulting in military coup but also reneged and derelicted on this treaty and allowed Russia to annex Crimea in March 2014 without shedding a drop of blood. What is more objectionable is the way Crimea was assimilated in Russia it triggered secessionist tendencies in Donbas region which has caused immense bloodshed and loss of lives & properties in this region. Trump also so far has not shown any inclination to get Crimea restored to Ukraine and to bring normalcy to Donbas region
(2)- As far Syria, we do not leave a murderer by merely breaking his doors and windows instead we produce him before court for getting him punishment for murder. Similarly the international law which has permitted USA (without UNSC approval) to carry out missile attack in Syria against the crime of chemical attack on citizens by Prez Assad and his government, the same law as a logical conclusion [whether USA gets UNPKF & its Election machine by roping in Russia and other permanent members of UNSC or in case it does not work then go for US led PKF & its Election m/c] expects USA (without UNSC approval) to arrest Prez Assad and his government and produce them before International Court for war crime (of using chemical weapons) and simultaneously to fill the political vacuum by installing another government in Syria through elections. But Trump-administration is showing no sign of bringing peace and normalcy to Syria and instead after said one-off missile attack of April, 7 has practically forgotten Syria.
(3)- As far Afghanistan the MOAB attack of April, 13 on ISIS hide-outs (caves and tunnels) is not going to change anything in Afghanistan. The presence of the military of USA and its NATO and other Allies by taking excuse that they are training Afghan soldiers will fool no one. It does not take 15 years to train soldiers especially when they are not fighting the regular army (with tanks, artillery, air-force etc) of another country. Trump Administration will do well if USA conduct a thorough and secret inquiry that how much vested interest the military of USA and its NATO and other Allies (and the politicians, drug-mafia and others of these countries) have developed in opium trade of Afghanistan which may be one of the most important reason for such an absurdly long presence of USA and its NATO and other Allies in Afghanistan (where opium production has increased after entry of USA and its NATO and other Allies post 9/11).
(4)- As far North Korea (NK) the performance of Trump-administration is worst. Trump has pledged if not out sourced the NK solution to China. Trump (who during Presidential election campaign castigated China for snatching jobs from Americans by huge Chinese exports to USA and even by currency manipulation) has been constrained to find every possible virtue in China due to total dependency of Trump-administration on China for the solution of NK problem. The way Trump has surrendered to China about NK solution is being watched all over the world with amusement.
(5)- Rather USA should have followed unconventional approach as given below:-
(i)- USA will have to stop relying on defunct UN Veto system because UN Veto wielding permanent members are more a cause than the solution to global problems. One permanent member Russia is in the way of USA to give justice to the people of Ukraine and Syria. Another permanent member China patronized North Korea to the extent that it has become nuclear threat to the region around it. Another permanent members UK and France were part of EU which instigated violent protest in Ukraine (mainly at Kiev’s main square) which culminated in military coup. Therefore USA should publicly declare that it is prepared to work outside UN (may be without dismantling UN at this stage) in order to give justice to the suffering people all over the world.
(ii)- Nuclear policy of UN is useless. Without any rhyme or reason some countries like India, Pakistan etc are allowed to develop and have nuclear WMDs while other countries like Iran, North Korea etc are not. Therefore USA should formulate a nuclear policy which will achieve global denuclearization in a time bound period.
(iii)- In many countries (which came on world map after UN came in existence in the wake of World War II) the native population is simply incompetent to run the country with democracy. Hence ‘International Political Parties’ (IPP) registered at world body should be introduced in global political scenario.
(iv)- Human rights cannot be left exclusively in the hands of the government and judiciary of most of the countries. Hence elaborate mechanism of National (and States) Human Rights Commissions registered at world body need to be stared where NHRCs will have power to call PKF from world body in case of looming or actual threat of large scale violation of human rights in erring countries.
In view of the above mentioned it is evident that present Trump’s team is not up-to the mark and if Prez Trump does not do proper course correction then Trump and his team will not only fail in their mission to lead the human-rights-friendly-free-world but will also soon become laughingstock in foreign-affair circles all over the world.

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