“PEACE” A poem BY Dr. Stephen Gill


Where creeds are not crushed
and human gods do not feed
the vultures of war
that island of yours
defends the dignity of the freedom
that is distinctive and charming.
Where life is not anchored
to strands of zealots
and crocodiles of disharmony
do not roam around
that delta of yours
dwells in the woods of blessedness
under the borderless sky
that is lofty and pleasing.
Where the cactus of shame
does not mushroom
and the evil birds of bloodshed
do not defile the nests of my vision
that ground of yours
touches the hem of the gown
that is the epitome of your beauty.
Where the dove flies
without fear
and the lilies of justice blossom for all
that domain of yours
assures a comforting niche
for the songs I write for you.
Where the streams of youth
do not cease flowing
and despair does not nail tents
over the greenery of the dreams
under the constellation of my calm
that land of yours
calls me to gather pearls
from the ocean of your wisdom.
Where love is not suffocated
and the twigs are not damaged
by the hordes of savages
that oasis of yours
wants me to break my chains
to breathe the amazing fragrance
of your presence.

Where waves snuggle sands
and soul is free
that shore of yours
commands me to chase out
the dragons of your absence
from those hills where they reign
in the darkness of the graveyard.
As a mad prophet in painful ecstasy
I shall bathe
in the mystical falls of those regions
that are steeped in the melody
that sobs in the radiance
of your gentle warmth.
©copyright Stephen Gill, 2006

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