Will harm Hindu majority India if over-demonize Muslim Kashmiris. By Hem Raj Jain


By not retrieving PoK thus far, India facilitated independence / separation movement by some Kashmiris (ii)- India may not agree with these Kashmiris but India should remember how civilizedly Britishers handled independence movement of India (iii)- Every Indian (like Kashmiris) did not participate in Indian independence movement (iv)- India should not forget links of non-violent Congress with militant Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose etc (v)- To be fair to India the Kashmiri Muslims suffering and facing humiliation / insult due to their soft corner for Muslim Pakistan (vi)- By neutralizing the threat from China India should retrieve PoK
Since PM Modi has come to power in 2014, India has outsourced its Kashmir policy to Indian Security Forces and jingoist Indian media and its commentators. One has to watch most of the prominent TV Channels (both English and Hindi) especially after July 2016 (when Hizbul Commander Burhani Wani was killed and which triggered massive unrest and violence in Kashmir) and one can find retired security persons (from military and expert on defense & strategic matters), hard core communalists from Hindutva forces like RSS, VHP, BJP etc who all pounce on Kashmiris on the panel and castigate these Kashmiris for their so-called anti-national views and activities.
These hapless Kashmiris and there separatist leaders (like trio Geelani-Mirwaiz-Yasin, Shabir Shah etc) are accused 24x7 in media of having links with terrorist organizations like LeT, JeM, HeM etc and even with enemy Pakistan [If anything is done against law then government should of-course take legal action against such Kashmiri offenders, but sedition laws should not be misused by government (against Supreme Court verdict which says that only when violence actually takes place then only sedition is to be applied) and stone-pelters should be arrested and should not be fired upon by trigger happy security forces of India under the protection of AFSPA, SPA etc.]. Said hapless Kashmiris are also accused that most of the Kashmiris are not interested in separation / independence and very few Kashmiris are agitating for these objectives. But India has forgotten that:-
(i)- Very few Indians participated in independence movement of India rather most Indians cooperated with and benefited from Britishers all along up to independence in 1947
(ii)- When almost half of J&K (which is PoK including Gilgit, Baltistan) is with Pakistan for the last 70 years, obviously J&K is not only a disputed territory but (in addition to Pak military which unlike Indian military tried many times to take rest of J&K militarily), as per media, Islam has laid down the lives of about one hundred thousand Jihadis (from both sides of border / LOC) for Kashmir. Hence Muslim Kashmiris who are working for the independence / separation of Kashmir will naturally have contacts with the government and people of Pakistan.
(iii)- Britishers never handled the members and office bearers of Congress (including Gandhi, Nehru, Patel) for the active support Congress gave to freedom fighters (terrorists as per Britishers), so crudely & brazenly. Britishers even allowed Congressmen and their supporters to fight the cases, for these militant freedom fighters, in various civil and military courts. While accusing Kashmiris, India should not forget links of non-violent Congress with militant Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose etc
To what low extent India has stooped is evident from the fact that presently commentators in prominent print and electronic media are demonizing Hurriyat leader Geelani for getting a letter for humanitarian assistance in 2011 from life sentenced Afzal Guru who then was in Tihar Jail Delhi. Many Indians were against capital punishment to Afzal (because they are against capital punishment to any one hence were offering humanitarian assistance to Afzal).
Even I believe that capital punishment should be only for those who physical kill someone. Hence when I was in Delhi I wrote a letter to Afzal (with a copy to Delhi Police Commissioner) offering help to him in getting legal assistance for filing review petition in Supreme Court for reducing his sentence from capital punishment to life term imprisonment. I also offered legal help in filing writ petition in J&K High Court / Supreme Court for allowing family members of Afzal Guru the dead body of Afzal to be taken from Delhi to Srinagar for burial. But India presently is demonizing socio-political leaders of Kashmir (like SAS Geelani etc) for helping someone in prison regarding human rights of the sentenced and his family.
These hapless Kashmiris tolerate every humiliation and insult hurled at them not only by said jingoist & communal panelists but even by anchors. To be fair to India these Kashmiri Muslims face humiliation / insult in media due to their soft corner for Muslim Pakistan. Kashmiris are suffering / have been suffering so long for the simple reason that Kashmiris have never demanded that India should retrieve PoK (even militarily, if necessary) for the simple reason that Muslim Kashmiris do not want or do not want to be seen demanding military action (for retrieve of PoK) against a Muslim theocratic country Pakistan. This is the reason Kashmiri Muslims do not want even a genuinely secular party in India to solve their problems too, as mentioned at http://www.alwihdainfo.com/J-K-resolve-to-NOW-control-politics-of-India-and-Pakistan-instead-of-present-vice-versa_a44096.html
PM Modi should graduate from Chief Minister [who deals in civilian matters (State subject) which PM Modi is mostly doing due to lack of federalism in India] to Prime Minister (who deals mainly in martial matters, the Union subject) realize that simultaneously nurturing enmity with both China and Pakistan is not advisable. As far China is concerned because unlike Kashmir dispute with Pakistan (which is political dispute) dispute with China is a legal dispute hence while neutralizing threats by China by referring Indo-China border dispute to UN Judicial Commission (similarly UNJC for Sino-Bhutan border dispute), India should retrieve PoK in order to solve Kashmir problem
In view of above mentioned, India should understand that unnecessary over demonization of Kashmiris will further alienate practically the entire Kashmir. Hence instead of showing paranoid attitude and behavior (which is bound to harm India irretrievably) India should retrieve PoK (even militarily if required) without any further delay so that gory & chronic Kashmir problem can find effective and permanent solution.
It will be a matter of shame if India waits for recovery of Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion (~ $ 16 Trillion) State-capital from Income Tax (as mentioned at http://www.alwihdainfo.com/Now-India-bound-to-get-Rs--1000-Trillion-income-tax-as-Delhi-Police-steps-in_a31456.html ) in order to buttress its military power by making it capable & competent to take-on militarily even Pakistan (a country one sixth of India) for the purpose of retrieving PoK.

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