UN should stop nuclear India from dragging the region in unnecessary war with nuclear China. By Hem Raj Jain


Sub:- (i)- Modi may be trying to get at-least some achievement (emotionally powerful) before Parliamentary election (ii)- UN should take cognizance of military standoff between India and China which has potential of plunging ~ 3.1 billion people in fight-to-finish war (iii)- Militant-Jihadis (Caliphate / ISIS etc) bound to see great benefit in Indo—China war (iv)- Pakistan will be glad if India does not withdraw from Doklam as it will make China to intervene militarily in Kashmir (v)- UN should offer UN Judicial Commission for the settlement of Indo-China border (vi)- USA should also prevent its ally India from going to war with China
Prime Minister Modi is unnecessarily dragging India into war with China over Doklam region (a disputed territory between Bhutan and China). It seems PM Modi is trying to get at-least some achievement (emotionally powerful) before going to Parliamentary election in 2019 (which may even be postponed if war creates politically favorable climate for BJP) in view of the fact that his emotionally powerful promises done during 2014 Parliamentary election [namely, bringing black money from foreign countries to the tune of Rs ~ 1 million in the bank account of every Indian, 10 million new jobs every year, 50 % minimum support price for agriculture produce above input cost, keeping China and Pakistan at their proper place by his projected macho image with 56 inch chest, etc] remain unfulfilled to this day. On the contrary unemployment is very high due to practically-jobless growth and about half of the population of India (the small and marginal farmers) is starving and over 12,000 farmers are committing suicide every year. Therefore Modi seems to be trying to arouse extreme emotions by waging unnecessary war with China, as explained below:-
(1)- We Indians have been given to understand by Indian media (through various commentators and even live telecast of Parliamentary proceedings) that India is under obligation to protect Bhutan militarily. And not only for protecting Indian security interests but also on the invitation of Bhutan the military of India has gone to Doklam where there has been military standoff for the last about one and half months. These impressions have been given by India some of which are - http://www.news18.com/news/india/opinion-doklam-standoff-not-forgetting-bhutan-1455559.html , http://www.defencenews.in/article/Why-Bhutan-is-special-to-India-262944 . Hence we Indians are incensed over media-projected aggression of China and present day jingoist India is prepared to even go to all-out and full-fledged war against China (also to settle the score with China about India’s humiliating & crushing defeat in 1962 Indo-China war).
(2)- But on Sunday July, 30 on a program (Latitude) on a prominent TV channel (TimesNow) one reputed panelist said that neither there is any treaty (between India and Bhutan) which automatically entitles India to assume the responsibility of the defense of Bhutan from external aggression nor Bhutan invited India to take-on China militarily at Doklam. As far absence of any such treaty said panelist seems to be right because treaty of 2007 has changed the sort-of-protectorate provision of 1949 treaty between India and Bhutan as mentioned at - http://www.refworld.org/docid/3ae6b4d620.html and http://idsa.in/resources/documents/Ind-BhutanFriendshiptreaty.2007 As far invitation by Bhutan to India to intervene militarily in the dispute between China and Bhutan there is no such invitation as the websites of governments of India and Bhutan are silent on this issue.
(3)- Meanwhile China has said that India should withdraw from Doklam and patience of China is not unlimited. China has already threatened that if India as Third County can intervene on the side of Bhutan in a territorial dispute between China and Bhutan then China also as Third country can intervene militarily on the side of Pakistan in the territorial dispute between India and Pakistan (about J&K).
(4)- The argument of India that it has gone to Doklam for its own security because construction of road by China at Doklam will be a danger to chicken-neck (Siliguri corridor), is legally untenable. There are many such chicken-necks all over the world and the countries having these, manage their defenses commensurate with such geographical realities. Every country for its defense is legally expected to remain on its territory and should not object if other countries do anything on their territory for their defense. Hence if India was not invited by Bhutan to come to Doklam (the territory of either Bhutan or China which will be decided after their dispute resolution) under a legally valid treaty then India has no business to create a war like situation with China which has a potential of taking away the lives of ~ 3.1 billion people of this region
(5)- It hardly needs any mention that Pakistan will not only be very glad to have China on its side militarily in any Indo-Pak war for the resolution of Kashmir dispute (which is pending in UN and which has already caused four wars between India and Pakistan namely 1947-48, 1965, 1971, during Kargil and proxy war through Jihadi militants / terrorists) but also Pakistan will leave no stone un-turned to ensure that China does so at the earliest especially given the fact that Pakistan sees an opportunity for snatching Kashmir from India due to present immensely-increased alienation of Kashmiris from India (after July 2016 after killing of Hizbul Mujahidin commander Burhan Wani and attended increased violence / unrest in Kashmir).
(6)- This explosive situation has one more dangerous aspect to it. China has been claiming the State of Arunachal Pradesh in North-East of India (which has 7 other States). If China tries to take it militarily during said war then it will not only be much easier by cutting approach road (the chicken neck at Siliguri corridor near Doklam) to N-E but the Jihadis of Bangladesh (or Caliphate / ISIS etc in cooperation with Jihadis of Pakistan) will highly likely try to take rest of N-E by taking advantage of tens of millions of Bangladeshi infiltrators in N-E and its neighboring West Bengal. This has brought ~ 3.1 billion people of China, India and Pakistan (even Bangladesh) face-to-face with the danger of total extinction in a war between three nuclear countries China, India and Pakistan.
(7)- Therefor United Nations (UN) should move promptly to discipline India by asking it to pull-out its Army from Doklam so that war between three nuclear countries can be avoided. After PM Modi’s visit to USA, through joint statement the USA has roped-in India as its ally to counter China in South China Sea (where China, as per USA, is denying free navigation rights to other countries). Therefore it is also the responsibility of USA (veto wielding permanent member of UN) to stop its ally India from unnecessarily precipitating war between three nuclear countries which if takes place then will wipe-out ~ 40 % of mankind. UN should also offer UN Judicial commission to settle Indo-China border (which can easily be settled because unlike Indo-Pak dispute which is political in nature) the Indo-China border dispute is a legal dispute and can easily be resolved by UNJC (similarly UNJC for resolving Bhutan-China border dispute).

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