Christmas: Where is My Messiah? By Prof. Mumtaz Shah,


Heavenly books are the record of inspirational experiences that reveal the laws of Heaven or we may call them the laws of the Universe. Hence, every word and story recorded in heavenly books has a deeper meaning carrying guidelines of how we can implement the heavenly laws in order to achieve our goals and objectives. Same is true of the story of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. Christmas story is not a religious tale limited only for the followers of a certain religion. It is a story, based upon cosmic laws of vibration, resonance and attraction that bring joy and prosperity in the lives of people no matter what sect or religion they belong to. The story teaches the techniques, Laws and principles of the universe that govern and control our destiny. If we get skilled in the application of these cosmic laws, we shall become master of our destiny.
Let’s analyze the story.
1. The Angel Gabriel appears to Mary and tells her that she would conceive and give birth to a child. Mary asked the angel how it could be possible without any relationship with a male. The angel said to her that this would be done by the power of the Holy Spirit.
This text indicates that if we follow the laws of Heavens (Subconscious Mind), then everything we desire becomes possible. We can get a house, vehicle, job, kidney-transplant, education in the most expensive college or anything without ever having a single penny in our pocket. Although the laws and conditions of this world may clearly deny our desires, the laws of the Heavens are a different story. The laws and principles of this material world say that child birth is not possible without marital union, but heavenly laws make it possible. According to the perspective of the laws of Heavens, we can achieve or manifest whatever we desire provided we follow the conditions and principles laid down by the cosmic forces.
What are the conditions of the laws of Heavens or the Subconscious Mind?
Mary was a virgin which means pure. Her thoughts were pure and positive. She also had the power of concrete and solid vision. Her conception became possible because she could clearly see the angel of The Lord standing right there speaking to her. Are we capable of having a vision as clear as Mary had? Another important factor in this story is the power of “faith” of Mary. We must keep in mind that the punishment for Mary, according to Moses’/Sharia’s law was death by stoning. But she stood steadfast against the challenges and criticism of the world. She said to the angel: “I am the Lord’s servant. May your word to me be fulfilled”. Do we have faith as strong as Mary did? This heavenly text gives us the message that if we have purity and positivity of thoughts, very solid vision together with very strong faith and gratitude, we shall be able to manifest all what we desire.
2. Jesus was born in a manger which is a symbol of utter humility and acceptance. We need to be totally humble in heart full of gratitude to be able to receive the fulfillment of our desires.
3. The shepherds were watching their flocks in the darkness of the night with absolute “focus and attention”. Flocks are a symbol of thoughts and imagination. Night indicates darkness when we close our eyes and use imagination. Those shepherds were poor, humble, uneducated people who were waiting for their Messiah who would deliver them from the life of misery and guide them to prosperity. Nevertheless, they had complete control over their thoughts. They watched their thoughts in the darkness of the night. As a consequence, the angels from Heaven appeared to them with great shining light. They believed in the gospel given by the angels and immediately rushed to find their Messiah in the manger. Here again absolute focus and control of thoughts, clear vision, faith and humility are the required conditions for the manifestation and achievement of goal and objective.
4. The three Kings or astrologers were also looking for the Messiah. To find him, they focused their attention on the star which guided them to their destination. The three kings would never have been able to find Messiah if they had not learned the skill of focusing their attention on the star. If we are looking for our Messiah, for our goals and objectives, we need to focus our attention on heavenly/subconscious guidance. Are we focused on our goals in life? Our thoughts go haywire all the time. We need to master the skill of controlling our thoughts and focusing our attention on our goal.
At the end of the story we read that the shepherds and the kings came and found the baby Jesus. If we want our desires to be fulfilled, reach our destination or attain our goal, we need to fulfill all the conditions mentioned in the story of the birth of Jesus i.e. humility, purity of thought, very clear and concrete vision, concentration or focus on the goal, firm faith and gratitude. If we have these ingredients in our lives, we will be able to achieve our goal, our desires, our Messiah. Only then our Saviour will take birth in our heart. This is our faith and this is our Christmas. This sort of joy is everlasting. This everlasting joy doesn't come with fabulous clothes, sumptuous meals and expensive gifts. It comes with a very humble heart, love and forgiveness. This is the meaning of Christmas for all humanity. Merry Christmas!

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