India, under military ultimatum, should demand from Pakistan the JeM leaders & PoK. By Hem Raj Jain


Instead of depending on veto wielding UN, India should demand from Pakistan under military ultimatum the PoK & JeM leaders responsible for Pulwama terrorist attack

--The Government of India (GOI) has condemned ( ) the largest terrorist attack on 14 February 2019 on its security forces (CRPF) in Pulwama, J&K in which as per media 44 soldiers have been killed and many injured.

As per GOI – “[This terrorist act has been perpetrated by Jaish-e-Mohammed, a Pakistan-based and supported terrorist organization proscribed by the United Nations and other countries and this terror group is led by the international terrorist Masood Azhar, who has been given full freedom by Government of Pakistan to operate and expand his terror infrastructure in territories under the control of Pakistan and to carry out attacks in India and elsewhere with impunity]”.

Despite knowing that nothing will happen in UN including due to Veto wielding China who will go to any extent to protect Pakistan because of not only economically but also strategically important for China the Gwadar Port & Economic Corridor passing through Pakistan which are constructed & financed by China. As usual the de-jure secular but de-facto communal India (which does not want to solve gory & chronic Kashmir problem by retrieving PoK because it does not want Muslim PoK to come to Hindu majority India) has done the formality by GOI of appealing to world-community the UN to take action against terrorists in Pakistan by saying that – “[We strongly reiterate our appeal to all members of the international community to support the proposal to list terrorists, including JeM Chief Masood Azhar, as a designated terrorist under the 1267 Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council and to ban terrorist organizations operating from territories controlled by Pakistan]”.

India of ~ 1.32 Billion people is one the biggest purchaser in the world of military equipment’s. Hence it does not behoove that India instead of solving its martial problems on its own against Pakistan (one sixth of its size) goes to such a world body, the UN, where India knows that nothing will happen in this matter in India’s favor to combat Pak sponsored terrorism.

Therefore, India should stop all this vulgar drama and instead of depending on veto wielding UN, India should demand from Pakistan under military ultimatum that Pakistan should immediately handover to India the PoK & JeM leaders (Masood Azhar etc) responsible for this Pulwama terrorist attack.

Moreover instead of dishonest intention of not taking military action, India should stop taking the excuse of nukes with Pakistan and Chinese support to Pakistan because: -

(i)- Air Chief & Army Chief of India has already said publicly that India has capabilities to neutralize the nukes of Pakistan as reported at and 

(ii)- After said military ultimatum to Pakistan by India, the world community especially powerful USA (which has responsibility of maintaining global order) and its allies will not allow all-out war between nuclear India and Pakistan and will come out with some solution to this burning problem.

(iii)- Dispute with Pakistan is political (due to Kashmir) but border dispute with China is legal. Hence India can easily neutralize China by demanding that Indo-China border dispute should be referred to and decided in a time bound period by ‘Judicial Commission of United Nations’ which, being a permanent member of UN, China can't refuse.


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