Kashmiris should take Mirwaiz’s apprehension seriously about death and destruction of their youth. By Hem Raj Jain


As per former General of Pakistan, the first suicide-car-attack at Pulwama not going to be the last (ii)- Due to China-Russia, USA and SaAr having military interest in Pakistan, India does not have courage to wage war against Pakistan (iii)- Like any weak country, India instead will increase crackdown on Kashmiri youth (iv)- Presently de-facto communal India can’t try for federation of Indo-Pak (v)- Hindus incapable of managing Muslims hence Muslims should manage Hindus (vi)-  Kashmiris should immediately launch national political party, if want to save their young generation (vii)- This new political party should fight elections across India for Parliament and in J&K in a big way.

The Hurriyat Conference led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has been reported in media of J&K (https://kashmirage.net/2019/02/18/delhis-iron-fist-policy-pushing-kashmiris-to-destruction-hurriyat-m/ , https://kashmirobserver.net/2019/city-news/delhi-pushing-kashmir-youth-destruction-hurriyat-m-40423 etc ) to have issued statement that “It is iron fist policy of New Delhi which left no option for youth but to pick the arms, as such a generation is being pushed towards death and destruction”.  This threat of death and destruction of the young generation of Kashmiris has become all the more real, imminent and menacing after Feb, 14 Pulwama attack. Hence the Kashmiris should take this matter seriously and do the needful as given below in order to save their young generation:-

(1)- First of all Kashmiris should understand that [as told by a Pakistani retired General before Pulwama attack at TV interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P216WS6fI6A  that suicide bombing would start in Kashmir because once Kashmiri youth understand that they would be killed in any case by Indian security forces then youth (who believe in killing before getting killed) would start carrying out suicide bomb attacks and then the entire world will take note which it has not taken even after UN report of human rights violations in Kashmir] – more suicide bomb attacks (like Pulwama attack in which over 40 persons from security forces were killed) is bound to bring increased crack down on Kashmiri youth by Indian security forces.

(2)- Secondly despite huge heat and noise generated in India after Pulwama attack (about waging war against Pakistan in order to ‘teach a lesson to Pakistan’ so that Pak sponsored terrorism in Kashmir is stopped) due to China-Russia, USA and SaAr having military interest in Pakistan, nuclear India does not have courage to wage war against nuclear Pakistan 

[China is already solidly with Pakistan due to not only economically but also strategically extremely important for China the Economic corridor and Gwadar Port financed & built by China in Pakistan.  Russia is in Chinese camp after West imposed sanctions on Russia after Russia snatched Crimea militarily from Ukraine in 2014 and China helped Russia by importing its petroleum oil. Otherwise also Russia is cozying-up with Pakistan due to Afghanistan problem. USA wants to come out of Afghanistan in which Pakistan can help it. Saudi Arabia and also USA are happy with Pakistan because it carried out attack in the territory of Iran (sworn enemy of USA & SaAr) as Iran’s parliament speaker said that an attack that killed 27 members of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard on February 13, 2019 was “planned and carried out from inside Pakistan. The Muslim countries will not support India because the ‘Organization of Islamic Cooperation’ (OIC) of 57 Muslim countries at every convention passes a resolution in favor of Kashmir solution against India].

(3)- The first Pulwama suicide-car-attack is (as told by Pak retired General) not going to be the last then like any weak country India (instead of waging war against Pakistan) has only one option left that is to increase crackdown on Kashmiri youth which the Hurriyat Conference led by Mirwaiz rightly apprehends that it will bring death and destruction of the young generation of Kashmiris. Especially due to the reason that powerful Christian West led by USA will not go against India because it will be construed as victory of ‘militant Jihadi terrorism’ which West will not allow especially after 9/11 etc. 

(4)- In such a dire situation there is only one option left for Kashmiris that is to take the politics of India and Pakistan under their control (because come what may, neither India nor Pakistan will give-up the parts of J&K which are with them). This can easily be done  if Kashmiris launch a national political party based on human rights friendly secularism, socialism, federalism, globalization and rule-of-law as I suggested to PDP Chief Mehbooba Mufti as mentioned at http://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/opinion-details/3233 . Because PDP & other political parties from J&K are not interested in helping Kashmiris hence other Kashmiris can come forward to launch this national political party.

(5)- Kashmiri Muslims should understand that Hindus are incapable of managing Muslims which is evident from the history of India from pre-partition to present day. As per Maulana Azad before partition Sardar Patel told Mahatma Gandhi that it will be easier to manage Hindu India than Hindu-Muslim India hence India was partitioned. Two nation theory (the basis of partition) collapsed in 1971 but India did not assimilate Muslim Bangladesh in it. India never tried to retrieve PoK because it is Muslim area. The J&K (the only Muslim majority State in India) has never been allowed to live in peace by Hindu majority India. De-jure India is secular but de-facto communal as is evident from 5 writ petitions I have mentioned in PCP article which are required in order to restore secularism in India.

(6)- Therefore Muslims should think of managing Hindus which can be done by launching this national political party by Kashmiri Muslims because presently de-facto communal India can’t try for federation of Indo-Pak (which is the only peaceful solution to Kashmir problem ironically under military pressure). Fortunately this new political party can arrive on Indian political scene in a big way by fighting coming elections across India for Parliament and for Vidhansabha in J&K.

(7)- When the young generation of Kashmir is facing avoidable imminent death & destruction) the Kashmiris should develop a sense of responsibility towards their families (which has been missing so far in them which is the reason Kashmiris have not come out with any practical solution and also have not heeded the practical suggestion of launching such national political party).

It is hoped that in order to protect their families from the blood-bath [which Indian security forces are going to unleash in Kashmir in the face of increased bomb attacks (including & especially suicide) by Kashmiri militants] the Kashmiris will launch a national political party based on human rights friendly secularism, socialism, federalism, globalization and rule-of-law (by immediately filing 5 writ petitions in Supreme Court by this party or by office bearers of this party & others, without which Party will not be able to click and pick-up before Parliamentary elections) and by fighting elections across India for Parliament and in J&K.


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