Agony of a Poet when Site is compromised. By Stephen Gill


The website of Writer’s Lifeline was hacked around the time my feature 75 appeared. This feature defines peace. Because of a sinister soul who is allergic to peace all the links of Writer’s Lifeline stopped working. This soul has put all my links in a folder called yoga. 

 I have deleted yoga folder from the directory and also used several means to restore links. Yet the links are not back. It is clear that I will have to put the link of every file manually. It needs enormous amount of time and patience because nearly every file before my Feature 75 has been affected. I have worked on my new files successfully, because I was able to find yoga folder in the directory and have deleted it.  How the yoga folder has got into my system is a mystery.

 Readers may find repetition of some unusual activities dealing with my features. It is because I am trying to put my hacked links back using different means. I will request my friends to bear with me for a few weeks to put the site  in order to make most of the former links work.  Links of Writer’s Lifeline from other sites are working fine. 

 My site and Writer’s Lifeline were hacked back in 2016. It was expensive, frustrating and time-consuming experience to put the site back and it would be the same experience again. My provider or host was the same in 2016. I suffered because of the extra unexpected work, agonies and payment. I understand that it is the job of the host to provide security.  The host did not let me know even the possible source of the

attack. I phoned and wrote, but nothing happened. I will be asked to pay for the job of the specialists who work for the host and are supposed to build a wall of security to stop these malicious attacks. 

 It is not difficult to hack an account these days. For some people hacking is a casual hobby for personal gratification or is an addiction to make the life of others miserable. Hacking is usually to steal valuable information or money, but there is nothing like this to steal from the sites of creative artists.  The malicious minds in my case did not know that a large part of the material of my site is available also on several search engines.   

 Provider or Web hosts have means to trace the possible origin of such attacks. Security is a part of hosting. Sadly, my web host has not given me any clue of the first attach in spite of my reminders. He has not been able to restore even a single link since this second attack.  I am certain the host will hide behind the bushes of silence again.   I can only imagine the possible camp, where the cocktail of the twisted creed was prepared.

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