Without Kashmir solution non-military Balakot strike opens way for Pak attack on security forces in J&K. By Hem Raj Jain


Both India & Pakistan responsible for not understanding rather confounding definition of terrorism (ii)- World community should ensure that PM Modi does not give freedom to armed forces about use of Nukes (iii)- War by India without solving Kashmir problem will pave way for Sunni-Caliphate (iv)- Secular Federation of Indo-Pak is the only solution
On February, 26 2019 when Indians opened their TV sets in the morning (it was reported in print media also https://kashmirobserver.net/2019/local-news/indian-aircraft-cross-loc-hit-territory-inside-pakistan-40684 ) they were satisfied to know that at last Government of India (GOI) has ‘taught a lesson’ to the military of Pakistan (as GOI and jingoist India including some military Veterans were clamoring after February, 14 Pulwama attack) by carrying out air strikes at Chakothi and Muzafarrabad in PoJK and at Balakot in Pakistan. But after few hours when Ministry of External affairs took a press conference on this matter (https://www.mea.gov.in/Speeches-Statements.htm?dtl/31089/Statement+by+Foreign+Secretary+on+26+February+2019+on+the+Strike+on+JeM+training+camp+at+Balakot ) it was ‘tany tany fiss’ (damp squib) and MEA of India said that this attack was only at Balakot and that too it was a ‘non-military’ action.
There is agreement all across the world that fight between security forces / militant groups is a war and only premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets is considered terrorism. Whenever Jihadi militants kill civilians (noncombatants) it is certainly terrorism but Jihadi militants who came to India from Pakistan or sponsored by Pakistan military and killed security forces of India (like Pulwama attack) are indulging in war with India and by no stretch of imagination can be termed as terrorists. Hence Pulwama attack of February, 14 was an act of war by Pakistan against India and not terrorism.
The world community especially powerful Christian West led by USA will not go against India because it will be construed as victory of so-called ‘militant Jihadi terrorism’ which West will not allow especially after 9/11 etc. This stand of world community is reasonable only when Islamic societies (under theocratic influence) are violent against civilians as is evident from the fact that Muslims were ~ 15 % in India at the time of partition and are still ~ 15 % in India whereas not only from each of Pakistan and Bangladesh ~ 20 % Hindus have been forced out but hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri Pandits have been driven out from Muslim majority Kashmir. But this view of West is not valid when there is war between combatants of Pakistan and India especially when Pakistan has better title / claim on Kashmir than India due to adverse possession (as India never tried to retrieve PoJK during last 70 years where as Pakistan tried to take Kashmir many times in 1947-48, 1965, 1971, during Kargil and by proxy-war).
Hence not solving Kashmir problem by world community (where human rights are being violated grossly by India as was reported in last UNHR report also and where instead of taking-on Pak security forces for retrieving PoJK the Indian security forces are training guns at civilians of mainly Kashmir under protection of AFSPA etc) is the main reason of the tension which has brought two nuclear countries India and Pakistan on the verge of all-out war.
In a nutshell without Kashmir solution the so-called non-military Balakot strike opens the way for Pakistan for attack on security forces of India in J&K for two reason:-
(i)- When India says that militant Jihadis are sponsored by Military (ISI) of Pakistan the attack on these militant Jihadis is attack on Pakistan military (ISI). Hence said air strike by India is not non-military strike (as India claims) but a strike on military of Pakistan.
(ii)- Even if snatching the Indian side of J&K (on which Pakistan has better claim / title as mentioned above) by Pakistan from India is over-looked, in view of human rights violations of the people of J&K (especially of Kashmir) by Indian security forces (as reported in UNHR report too) the Pakistani combatants have every right to strike at Indian combatants, the security forces of India at-least in J&K (if not in rest of India).
The world community should avoid one more mistake where it is grossly under-estimating Islam. After Pulwama attack PM Modi said 'time for talks is over' and about two dozen military Veterans (from Major to Chief of three Services) have been appearing on TV Channels and airing war cries. In addition to other Indians at least half dozen of these military Veterans have been even chest thumping which has been giving impression (as Pak PM Imran Khan also inferred) that very soon India will wage war against Pakistan
But India ultimately has put its tail between legs when after visit of Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia MBS, in joint statement India said at its S.No. 34 that "both sides agreed on the need for creation of conditions necessary for resumption of the comprehensive dialogue between India and Pakistan". May be MBS told India of the possibility of Sunni-NATO of 41 Muslim countries (sponsored by SaAr, the patronizer of Wahabi / Jihadi ideology across the world and under command of former Pak Army Chief General Raheel Sharif) coming to the help of Pakistan if India goes to war against Pakistan. This raises one more danger for global peace. If India goes to war against Pakistan and does not talk to Pakistan (as India promised to MBS) then Sunni-NATO may certainly take action against India and which may pave the way for Sunni-Caliphate and which under theocratic influence may create more problems for human rights & peace of the world.
Some people may say that then why India carried out said air strike at Balakot (when PM Modi promised to MBS the dialogues with Pakistan). It seems to be the result of the statement of PM Modi that he gave freedom to Indian armed forces to teach lesson to Pakistan for Pulwama attack. The world community should cross its fingers that PM Modi does not give freedom to Indian armed forces about the use of Indian nuclear weapons especially given the fact that the President of India [the supreme commander of armed forces under Article 53 (2) of the Constitution] may remain as submissive as ever (as he did in giving free hand by PM Modi to armed forces for acts of war through Balakot strike) .
Therefore, whether people in India, Pakistan and rest of the world like it or not the only solution to Kashmir problem is Secular Federation of Indo-Pak ironically under military pressure by a genuinely secular national party in India as mentioned at http://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/opinion-details/3260 if mankind wants to avoid catastrophic all-out war between nuclear India & Pakistan.

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