On the international day of Peasants farmers are entitled to inheritance of land right. By David Rehmat


“On the international day of Peasants farmers are entitled to inheritance of land rights to farmers and small farmers”. 17th April is the International day of peasants.

 In 1996, 19 peasants were killed when they were protesting against a feudal system in the city of Brazil. From then on, the global day of farmers was started to celebrate Today, on the occasion of the World Day of Peasants, AMP & Life Awareness for National Development (LAND) conducting protest demonstrations for property rights for peasants. Farmers provide food to the entire country, Immediately Stop forced displacement of the displaced people from their lands.

Stop land grabbing, and the Muzareen should be restored to their lands. David Rehmat Secretary General Anjuman-e- Muzareen punjab (AMP) said during his address that Muzareen continue to struggle for property rights for twenty years in capitalist feudalism and discriminatory system.

Meanwhile, agencies, police attacked our homes, broke down things and the leaders of the movement were harassed and divide. The efforts to be eradicated are continuing. The gaming corporate farming continued to form a model farm for leasing the agricultural area. But till today the government, which has called a mother, has not played a role like mother. In fact, hundreds of cases resulting in attacks by police such as district administration and the state registered fake cases under the act of anti-terrorism.

The threat of serious consequences is to become a daily routine. But the movement was not ended; the slain was placed in jail for eighteen months, three to four years. Rather, leader Mehr Abdul Satar was placed in the High Security Prison and sentenced to ten years. Which we strongly condemn. All fake cases should be terminated and all AMP leaders should be released. Just as Sindh Government has allotted women to agricultural land, women should be given property rights in other provinces. Announcement of nomination in house grid. Fertilizer seed water and agricultural equipment should be provided cheap to small farmers.

 So that natural resources can be adopted in the country. Quetta condemns massacres of Hazara community massacre and express solidarity with them.

Teresa Nasreen President of the Women addressing this protest said demonstration, the March 29 decision of the NCHR chairman Ali Nawaz Chauhan in which he said that the agreement has been done with Muzareen, They strongly condemn. And the nominate committee rejects the funeral of whose names are listed in the report.

Because Muzareen did not nominate it is a self-formed committee. Formerly created by the Farm administration. As Anjuman Muzareen-e-Punjab is a representative organization located at the Tehsil, district and the province level. Sardaran Bibi, Senior Vice President of Women, said in his address Muzareen are farmers who cultivate these lands for 110 years. There is no right to anyone except Muzareen on these lands that they can buy this groundwater. Earth is our old mother for which we gave birth to life during the 20-year-old movement.

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