Islam-AIMPLB-BMAC watching callously & irresponsibly the Hindu India rushing towards bloodshed of innocent Muslim. By Hem Raj Jain


BJP openly saying Ram Temple will be constructed by legislation if Supreme court denies temple at disputed site of Babri Masjid (ii)- After massacre of thousands of innocent Muslims post Masjid demolition it is not merely matter of title or faith (iii)- This is bound to trigger communal riots in which mostly innocent Muslims will be killed (iv)- Islam-AIMPLB-BMAC can avoid this bloodshed by restoring secularism & rule of law in India (v)- For this out of 6, two writ petitions about plebiscite and Babri Masjid should immediately be filed by Islam-AIMPLB-BMAC

On one side during this weekend (A)- The meeting of over thousand Hindu saints from all over India took place at Ayodhya in which U.P. Dy Chief Minister (of BJP, the ruling party at Centre and in many States especially in U.P.) was present and he said that Ram Temple will be constructed by legislation if Supreme court denies temple at disputed site of Babri Masjid as reported at . Coupled with (B)- The visit of 18 member of Parliament of Shiv-Sena (of Hindutva forces) with its President Udhav Thackeray to Ayodhya for demanding immediate construction of Ram temple at disputed site and ( C)- The legally misguiding & provoking letter of BJP MP Subramaniyan Swamy to PM Modi extensively quoted by these and others in media for immediately start building Ram temple at disputed site by saying that the Government should exercise its power to allocate the land, both disputed and undisputed, for the Ram Lala temple and the Government can inform the Supreme Court that the compensation as decided by the Supreme Court will be given to winning appellate.

“[Here it is pertinent to add that Hindus have scant chance of winning the way they want in title suit pending at SCI because (i)- What is highlighted by Hindutva forces is that Lord Rama was born at the disputed site of Masjid. But Muslims have adduced a very powerful & effective argument before the Court that ‘Ram Charit Manas’ (through which majority of Hindus know about the life of Lord Rama) written by Goswami Tulsidas after construction of Babri-Masjid in 16th century, has mention of Ayodhya as Lord Rama’s city of birth but does not have any mention of Lord Rama’s birth place at disputed site. (ii)- Ayodhya dispute is pending in civil courts since 1949. Even by the standard of very long time for disposal of civil matters in Indian courts (which may be about 35 years) the time of whopping 70 years which Courts have taken in deciding this matter (which is still pending in SCI) is for the simple reason that Courts know that Hindus are not going to win the way they want otherwise Courts would have decided this matter by this time and SCI would not have said that it is sensitive matter and would not have pressed for mediation]”

On other side ~ 200 million Muslims of 2019 India are not the Muslims of 1992 when Hindutva forces demolished Babri Masjid on December 6, 1992 in present of the Observer of Supreme Court of India (SCI). After Masjid demolition communal riots have been taking place including in and around Mumbai in 1992-93 and in 2002 in Gujarat in which thousands of mainly innocent Muslims have been killed, many injured, their properties destroyed and even their honor (by way of molesting and raping their women) were assailed. Add to this the presence of (in addition to Pak sponsored terrorists) the militant Jihadis ISIS etc in the neighborhood of India (as evident from Easter attack on Churches by Jihadi terrorist in Sri Lanka in which 258 were killed and ~ 500 injured). These all will ensure that Muslims will not tolerate building of Ram Temple at the site of Babri Masjid by legislation, which was demolished by communal vandalism


These two explosive situations among Hindus and Muslims are bound to trigger communal riots all across India in which as usual mainly innocent Muslims will be killed and injured and their properties destroyed and even their honor (by way of molesting and raping their women) will be assailed. Such impending crisis can be averted if Islam (its socio-religious leaders), the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) and its cell the Babri Masjid Action Committee – BMAC file 6 writ petitions as mentioned at

Out of these six two writ petitions need to be filed immediately without any further delay. First about plebiscite in unified J&K as given at  and second about restoration of status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid as mentioned at 

The Hindutva forces got emboldened because Islam-AIMPLB-BMAC did not file petition in SCI for the restoration of status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid which resulted in said massacre of mainly innocent Muslims post Masjid demolition, hence it is surprising that still Islam-AIMPLB-BMAC is watching callously & irresponsibly the Hindu India rushing towards bloodshed of innocent Muslims as mentioned above.

The primary importance of writ petition in J&K High Court for plebiscite is self-evident because it will constrain communal Hindus to protect and up-hold secularism in India otherwise they know that during plebiscite India will lose J&K (at-least Muslim Kashmir and PoK) to Pakistan and Hindu majority India will never tolerate another dismemberment of India at the hands of Muslims.

God only knows whether Islam-AIMPLB-BMAC will file these 6 writ petitions (out of which two immediately in J&K High Court and SCI) to avoid the impending killing, injuries, loss of properties and honor of innocent Muslims across India or will remain as usual a passive rather complicit spectators in this impending crisis for Indian Muslims.

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