Licensed guns with non-lethal tranquilizer bullets should be made fundamental right for every Indian. By Hem Raj Jain


Though Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes are generally vulnerable against violence due to social prejudices and economic reasons in India [as recently also happened on July, 17 in Sonbhadra, U.P. State where 10 Adivasis (STs) were killed as reported at ] and presently these (SCs, STs) and Muslims have also become vulnerable due to cow (religion) related violence and even lynching (by scattered Hindutva forces) therefore in consonance with legal right of self-defense their leaders are asking the members of these communities (who comprise ~ 40 % of the population of India) that they should apply for licensed guns as reported at -

But it is not merely SCs, STs and Muslims but other Indians (including most of the women in very near future) also need licensed guns for self-defense. Only precaution should be that these licensed guns should be with non-lethal tranquilizer bullets so that the offender can be made unconscious (as is done in forest with wild animals by forest guards) by the licensed gun holder and then can be handed over to police for further legal action against such offender. In case the licensed gun holder uses the gun unnecessarily & not in a legally allowed situation then there can be provision of some punishment for such licensed gun holder also.

We should not forget that in economically advanced western countries (where majority of women go out of their home either to jobs or for business or for professions) women are increasingly feeling the need of licensed guns for self-defense. In India which is also on the path of economic advance, the situation will not be different in very near future. Hence it is desirable that licensed guns with non-lethal tranquilizer bullets should be made fundamental right of life for every Indian.

Some people may say that - “The guns have become problem in USA because of number of shoot-outs even in public places therefore there is a debate to ban the guns in USA hence we in India should not make licensed guns a fundamental right”. But these people do not understand that the problem in USA is not the guns but the lethal bullets and in USA the ease with which one can get the guns and the lethal bullets. If guns are given by government under license with non-lethal tranquilizer bullets then there will be no such problem.

Therefore the prevalent situation in India demands that the licensed guns with non-lethal tranquilizer bullets should immediately be made fundamental right (of life) for every Indian.

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