Modi requested Trump to mediate / arbitrate on Kashmir issue for ushering India into ‘Hindu Rashtra’. By Hem Raj Jain


 After Trump’s revelation, India faces another dismemberment if doesn’t solve Kashmir problem by plebiscite and by simultaneously establishing religious freedom in Indian subcontinent

The revelation by Prez Trump during his meeting, this week, with Pakistan PM Imran Khan that PM Modi asked him to mediate / arbitrate on Kashmir issue as shown at  has created a huge political controversy & storm in India as mentioned at

Even if Modi gives a statement, as demanded by opposition in Parliament, that he did not ask Trump to mediate /arbitrate on Kashmir issue, it does not matter because despite Foreign Minister Jaishankar saying so in parliament (about Trump-Modi one-to-one meeting where Jaishankar was not present) it will be legitimately construed that Modi asked Trump to mediate / arbitrate on chronic & gory Kashmir problem [unless Trump issues a public statement that he lied during said meeting with Imran Khan and Modi never asked him (during 2019 G-20 Osaka Summit at Japan) to mediate / arbitrate on Kashmir issue].

Moreover so far Indian Parliament led by PM Modi has not passed a resolution that - “What Prez Trump said about mediation / arbitration requested by PM Modi to him, is untrue or misunderstanding or miscommunication and India stands with the existing and old policies about Pakistan and unified Kashmir as has been so-far including about Shimla Agreement 1972”.

But now nothing matters because Pakistan has already extracted (the art in which Pakistan is expert) the pound of flash from USA in lieu of helping USA in coming out of Afghanistan (which is crucial for electoral victory of Trump in coming Presidential election). Now Pakistan will see to it that USA solves Kashmir problem in which dismemberment of India would be certain because in any mediation or arbitration by USA (or with the instrumentality of USA), the PoJK [which has been with Pakistan (or with China through Pakistan) for the last 70 years] cannot be expected to be given to India on a silver platter.

Therefore now there is only one way India can avoid the dismemberment of the motherland which is by plebiscite as mandated by ‘Instrument of Accession’ as explained in March, 25 online writ petition in J&K High Court reported at  (it seems J&K High Court has not admitted this online writ petition hence some organization or some people from J&K should immediately file this writ petition in J&K High Court)

At the same India should understand that in the process of retrieving PoJK for plebiscite for solving chronic & gory Kashmir problem, India may ultimately have to go for unified Indo-Pak because the last word on India’s partition is yet to be written. But it is possible only when first India tries to establish religious freedom in Indian subcontinent (SAARC + Myanmar region) which can be done only when India persuades USA to ensure that there is ground force to ensure religious freedom as mentioned at  and

Here it is in context to add that the India of British-India origin (and not from 562 Princely-States) was responsible for trifurcation of India in 1947. Moreover during a foreign visit PM Modi said that being a Gujarati, business is in his blood but Indians should not forget that politics is not in the blood of Gujaratis that was the reason that the communal minded Gujarati trio Gandhi-Patel-Jinnah dismembered the motherland (as far Nehru it did not matter, whether unified or partitioned India, as long as he was made the PM).

Now again Gujarati duo Modi-Shah of British-India origin / mindset is at the helm of affairs hence there is danger that India may be dismembered again especially given the fact that PM Modi requested Prez Trump to mediate / arbitrate on Kashmir issue due to the reason that Modi-Shah wants to usher India into theocratic State of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ (under the pressure from Hindutva forces of BJP, RSS, VHP etc) and which is possible only when Muslim majority areas (PoJK and Kashmir valley) are given to Pakistan (which can easily be got done if  mediation / arbitration is done by USA)

In a nutshell after Trump’s said revelation, India faces another dismemberment if doesn’t solve Kashmir problem by plebiscite (also simultaneously by establishing religious freedom in Indian subcontinent), as mentioned above.

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