India, in its own interest if gives blood, can still stop USA from ditching Afghanistan. By Hem Raj Jain


India, by justifying the success in Afghanistan of cross-border terrorism of Pakistan, is giving license to Pakistan to continue to try it in India.

In order to win presidential election 2020, Prez Trump will do anything to come out of Afghanistan and he said during this week meeting with PM Imran Khan that “I think Pakistan is going to help us out to extricate ourselves from Afghanistan”. The Islamic political operators have succeeded in convincing Trump that “The key to peace in Afghanistan lies in Kashmir and the USA will not be able to stabilize Afghanistan without peace in Kashmir”. This is the reason Trump during this meeting with Imran Khan showed his willingness to mediate / arbitrate on Kashmir issue as per alleged request by PM Modi which (such request) is yet to be denied by PM Modi (which was made for realizing ‘Hindu Rashtra’), as mentioned at    and

The way USA is trying to go out of Afghanistan, it will not only impact adversely the military, strategic, economic etc interests of India but India, by justifying the success in Afghanistan of cross-border terrorism of Pakistan, is also giving license to Pakistan to continue to try it in J&K and in other parts of India and which will be disastrous for India and for its Kashmir policy. Therefore India should immediately do the course-correction as given below:-

(1)- India should understand that the killing of security forces is not terrorism but war what Pakistan has been waging in J&K and in other parts of India through its militant-Jihadis which is perfectly legitimate (waging war is legitimate right of every sovereign country) especially because India has not tried seriously in 70 years to solve Kashmir problem by plebiscite as mandated by ‘Instrument of Accession’ as mentioned above in the link. Only when these Pak militant Jihadis kill civilians in J&K and in rest of India, it is terrorism (because civilians can be terrorized and not security forces).

(2)- India should understand that in its relations with USA about Afghanistan it has failed vis-à-vis Pakistan because India’s relations with USA & Afghanistan are based on water, the money (the Goddess of wealth ‘Laxmi’ comes out of sea) whereas the relations of Pakistan with USA & Afghanistan are based on blood. And it is high time India realizes that the blood is always thicker than water.

(3)- In its Afghanistan policy Pakistan has used its military and militant-Jihadis hence India will also have to use its military and non-violent Jihadis (who will be more powerful than militant-Jihadis) through ‘International Political Parties’ the IPPs as mentioned at   and . Some people may say that militant Jihadis are more powerful than non-violent Jihadis (IPPs) but it is not so because IPPs will be closely working with the security apparatus (military, para-military and police) of Government of Afghanistan in addition with such UN apparatus through UNPKF and MP-1 of ICCPR as mentioned above in the link.

(4)- How can India forget that ‘the friend in need is the friend indeed’? India should understand that the way USA is going out what will be the situation in Afghanistan (the SAARC member and well-wisher & friend of India where India has invested lot of goodwill & resources) where the militant Jihadis (the blood-thirsty Pakistan & Afghanistan Taliban and their allies) will rule the country while Government of Afghanistan (which since 9/11 has been trying to bring legitimate political order in Afghanistan and which all along had the support of well-meaning countries like India and others) will be rendered a helpless &  grossly injured spectator or worst will be forced (by USA and its NATO and other allies) to become as a collaborator in this unethical political arrangement being engineered by Pakistan.

(5)- Therefore not only Government of India but the political parties and human rights NGOs of India should publicly demand immediately that:-

(i)- The USA should allow India to send its military (not merely in numbers of 14,000 like US military but) in any requisite numbers (even hundreds of thousand) as part of UNPKF in Afghanistan (or through any other alternate such global organization which USA may launch, if some veto wielding countries in UN put hurdles in it).

(ii)- The USA should allow India to send its political parties in requisite numbers in Afghanistan which will be registered as IPPs with UN especially for Afghanistan (or with said alternate organization launched by USA).

(iii)- The USA should allow India to send its human rights NGOs in requisite numbers in Afghanistan which will be registered with UN (or with said alternate organization launched by USA) especially for Afghanistan.

(iv)- The USA should ensure that after time bound period (of say six months) of sending these UNPKF, IPPs and HR-NGOs from India the elections should be held in Afghanistan under secular constitution under the supervision of UN (or said alternate organization launched by USA)  through UNPKF and UN Election Commission (the UNEC, in which India should be be allowed to contribute any requisite number of persons because India has experience of conducting election in a secular democracy of ~ 1.35 Billion people).

It is hoped that India will rise to the occasion and will take the lead and will bring stability-harmony-peace (sine-quo-non to prosperity) to its valuable friend Afghanistan (with the help & goodwill of USA and its NATO and other allies), as mentioned above, and which hopefully will also pave the way for the realization of SAARC.

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