Entire Hindu India will again suffer if doesn’t protect democracy in Muslim Kashmir. By Hem Raj Jain


Indians should decide whether they really want democracy? When democratic institutions and constitutional authorities failed India during demonetization in 2016 the entire India suffered for months. This demonetization was criminal in which all the concerned constitutional and other authorities should have been either impeached or prosecuted as mentioned at  https://www.alwihdainfo.com/Opposition-protecting-Government-and-RBI-from-prosecution-under-Section-304-A-IPC-etc_a45304.html  and https://www.alwihdainfo.com/Bengaluru-India-President-PM-Cabinet-RBI-should-be-prosecuted-for-killing-and-harassing-people-without-sanction-of_a44989.html .But it was not done and people not only suffered all over India but even it did not bring electoral loss to BJP. This only proved that India is utterly unfit for democracy.

Again such situation has arisen in Kashmir where people are locked-up since August 5, 2019. In media mostly their lack of communication, transportation, expression, medical-aid etc is discussed but people do not realize that in India substantial part of the population is hand-to-mouth and their families start starving (with attendant and aggravated sickness) if their bread earners do not go to work.  The worst part of this lock-down is that the minister and office bearers of ruling party BJP are appearing in media and are saying that these people may demonstrate against amendment to Article 370 and repeal of 35-A of the Constitution which as per these worthies of BJP is in national interest hence the people of Kashmir should be locked-up.

Entire India including its political class & media is silent on this destruction of democracy in India. These constitutional amendments have been challenged in Supreme Court of India (SCI) and the SCI has already ordered for the Constitutional Bench of 5 Judges to hear & decide this case. Otherwise also but especially till this matter is decided by SCI the people of Kashmir have every legal & constitutional right to protest against this amendment to Article 370 and repeal of 35-A of the Constitution by Government of India (GoI).

[Millions of Muslim Kashmiris are locked-up and Muslims of rest of India are already demoralized as is evident from the fact that they suffered loss of lives, blood and properties for decades but never moved Court for protecting secularism and rule of law as mentioned at https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/opinion-details/3316 . Therefore there is no point in talking about Muslims of India].

The Hindus of entire India are silent on this lock-down of Kashmiris because they are Muslims without realizing that if GoI gets away by locking up the Kashmiris for so long  (because they do not agree with any legislation or amendment to it) and that too which is challenged in the Courts of record, then there is bound to be a time when Hindus of rest of India will also face the same fate & suffering some day or the other in case they don’t agree with the legislation or amendment to it passed by the government of the day.

The Hindus are not realizing that GoI (by locking –up Kashmiris) is establishing the most dangerous political doctrine (fatal to democracy) that people should to be locked-up if they don’t agree with the government. Moreover it is all the more legally objectionable (including as per international law) because the people of Kashmir (who are locked-up and subjected to draconian measures by authoritarian GoI) belong to a territory (the united J&K) which is not like any other State of India and is not the integral part of India rather its fate will be decided by the will of these very people (by plebiscite) as mandated by ‘Instrument of Accession’ as mentioned at http://wadikinews.com/public-interest-writ-petition-under-article-226-of-the-constitution-with-respondents-i-the-union-of-india-ii-the-state-of-jk/

It is hoped that the people of India will seriously consider whether they really want democracy (with it’s all the freedoms) or want to go for an authoritarian regime as in China which at-least brings better social indicators and prosperity to the people. Otherwise the Indians will be rendered at a situation where ‘Na Khuda hi mila na vislae sanam na idhar ke rahe na udhar ke rahe’ (lost both the worlds).

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