Trump at UNGA doesn’t understand, globalization not working as USA refusing to develop new global political model. By Hem Raj Jain


The speech at ‘United Nations General Assembly’ (UNGA) on September 24, 2019 of the US President Donald Trump would have amused the people all across the world for the simple reason that Trump is trying put the clock of the time backward. But it is not funny because the USA still remains responsible for managing global political order (which it is doing since World War II through UN where despite its many shortcomings and failings the USA has been successful in avoiding World War III). Hence such confusion & naiveté on the part of Trump should be matter of concern to not only USA but also to entire world.

Trump does not understand that due to unprecedented advance in modern science & technology of the last about 500 years (including and especially IT revolution which USA brought almost single-handedly) the Globalization is inevitable whether some people and Trump like it or not. The myriad problems the world and the USA are facing (enumerated in this UNGA speech by Trump) allegedly due to globalization are in fact due to the reason that the USA is adamantly refusing to develop a new to replace the outdated global political model. Therefore, Trump instead of unnecessarily asking the world to swim against the tide of the time (by reverting back to outdated nationalism etc), should do the following: -

(1)- The USA should stop blaming only China for unfair trade practices, trade imbalance, job losses, manufacturing going out of USA etc. For its solution USA should: -

(i)- Realize that protectionism will ultimately harm the USA. The USA should realize that the wages in USA are much more than in developing countries hence the work force of USA can’t manufacture competitively and some of them should go (during their working age) in low wage foreign countries in US Companies (which can employ as per law the US Citizens 10 to 25 % of total employees at US wage rates)

(ii)- Realize that without global currency globalization is impossible. Hence USA should make Dollar the global currency with proper asset back-up with its central bank in USA (preferably at UN) and its branches in all the member countries of UN.

(iii)- Know that the solution of the problem of subsidies, protective tariffs etc by different countries is not a rocket science to understand and it can easily be managed & monitored by world body.

(2)- The USA should give up the absurd idea of sovereignty of all the members of UN because most of them do not have power to defend it and even do not have capabilities to manage their political affairs properly with the result the human rights of their citizens are violated grossly and perennially. Therefore USA should work for:-

(i)- Replacing Optional Protocol OP-1 of ICCPR at UN with Mandatory Protocol MP-1 with a provision of intervention of UNPKF in erring countries even on the request of their citizens (the victims)

(ii)-Launching International Political Parties (IPPs) registered at UN.

These measures will solve the problems of human rights in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen etc.

(3)- The USA should realize that: -

(i)- Only the killing of civilians (like 9/11 at New York, 26/11 at Mumbai etc) is terrorism whereas killing of security forces (as at Pulwama, Uri, Pathankot etc in India) is not terrorism rather it is an act of war, because only civilians can be terrorized and not the security forces.

(ii)- All the societies and their States have two forces for sanctioned physical coercion namely military and police but Islam has three that is one more the Jihadis. If Christianity, Hinduism etc do not have such third force then it is not the fault of Islam.

(4)- The USA should work for replacing Veto system at UN (as Veto wielding countries are more a problem than solution to global issues) by voting rights to every member commensurate with their contribution of men (including martial) money and material (including military) to UN and their record of human rights. This will also reduce the huge defense spending by USA which is hardly serving the purpose of bringing peace & order in the world rather is mostly used to unnecessarily threatening and terrorizing rest of the countries (which Trump also did at this UNGA by quoting huge defense spending). The USA should understand that it fought war of independence in 1776 against Britishers mainly on the principle that ‘no taxation without representation’. Hence it is hypocrisy on the part of the USA to expect rest of the world to share the burden of running UN while granting some divine right of veto to 5 countries.

(5)- Trump rightly highlighted the problem of misuse of media but he said it about only social media. Rather the USA should work for launching a global tribunal (or some authority like that at UN) which will ensure media freedom and will work for avoiding misuse of social and other medias (including print and electronic) all across the world (Trump should know that the main stream media especially electronic has done maximum in India for developing ill feeling against minority Muslims among Hindu majority India) 

(6)- The USA should also wok for incorporating ceiling on public debt as fundamental human right in ICCPR of UN because it is the biggest plunder of public money by politicians all over the world in addition to giving undue advantage to usurers. Even in India where public debt is constitutionally allowed under Article 292 & 293 of the Constitution only to the extent of the consolidated funds of the Governments but the Governments incurs much more public debt than their consolidated funds through FRBM.

(7)- Trump should clear his confusion about socialism. Socialism is nothing but joint-capitalism where State-capital is also deployed profitably like private capital. If USA does not like State-capital then why it incurred public debt of trillions of dollars? It is a different matter that public debts (born out of fiscal deficit) and other forms of State-capital are not deployed by politicians profitably (it happened in USSR too which brought its downfall) for the purpose of also defaming the socialism

 (8)- As far anti-Semitism, no doubt Jewish community suffered a lot during World War II and through Holocaust also but this does not give a license to Jews to harass and persecute the Palestinians who have nothing to do with Holocaust. Therefore instead of being a complicit in the horrible injustices of Israel towards Palestinians, the USA should work for right of return for Palestinians and for one State solution of Israel-Palestine (and that too secular for both Jews and Palestinians) and not the presently seeked absurd two State solution.

(9)- As far Iran, North Korea etc the USA should be reasonable and should work for total elimination of nuclear WMDs and should not think that five Veto wielding countries, India, Pakistan Israel etc have some divine right to keep nukes.

(10)- Regarding illegal immigrants, has USA (as a leader of free world) ever thought that how much funny & ridiculous situation will be on this earth if over 190 countries start erecting walls on their borders. The USA instead should have made ‘National Register for Citizens’ (NRC) and not like NRC of India which is being made only in one State of Assam and intends to make it communal only for Muslims and not for non-Muslims (through envisaged Citizen Amendment Act). After this NCR in USA, their original countries should be constrained to take the illegal immigration back  or to surrender some territory or exclusive mineral rights in lieu of it  and then USA can grant citizenship (in the interest of their human rights) to these infiltrators after imposing reasonable fine on them. Only this policy can be adopted by other countries too across the world.

It is hoped Prez Trump will go with time and will try to make globalization successful as mentioned above instead of taking the USA backward in time.


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