Terrorists attacking fruit traders to destabilize economy of Kashmir. By Farooq


The killing of a non-local fruit trader, a trucker, and a laborer by the terrorists in south Kashmir in the recent days has shown the true colors of Pakistan and its proxies in Kashmir as people have fully realized now what the intentions of the neighboring country vis-à-vis Kashmir are. Though it is no secret that terrorists sponsored by Pakistan are involved in the killing of thousands of innocent civilians in Kashmir in the last three decades, the attack on fruit industry of Kashmir by the terrorists has fully exposed them that they want to cripple the economy of Kashmir.

Horticulture being the back-bone of Kashmir economy provides livelihood to lakhs of people in the Valley and by targeting it Pakistan wants to snatch the livelihood of these people. By killing non-local people associated with fruit industry, Pakistan wants that apples worth billions should rot on trees and stores in Kashmir instead of reaching to the markets across India.

On the other hand, government of India not only introduced market intervention scheme for the purchase of apples from the growers so that they don’t face any inconvenience to transport the fruit due to the shutdown imposed by the terrorists since August, but also is ensuring free movement of trucks from Kashmir to outside state fruit markets. Islamabad wants to disempower Kashmiris while New Delhi’s constant effort is to make Kashmir a hub of development. Pakistan wants to cripple economy of Kashmir and India wants to make Kashmir a crown of the country.

Common people in Kashmir have realized now that Pakistani sponsored terrorists are there to create mayhem and terror in the Valley while Indian army is protecting them. After realizing that it has failed in its game-plan to create unrest in Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370, Pakistan is now using terrorists to terrorize common people in the Valley.

People in Kashmir rejected separatists, stone-pelters, terrorists and Pakistani stooges which has not gone well with the generals in the neighboring country. They have reportedly sent fresh batches of terrorists to Kashmir to unleash violence on people of the Valley. By the killing of non-locals, they want to create a situation across India where some vested interests might attack Kashmiris in retaliation.

However, government of India is not only firm in its resolve to eradicate terrorism fully from Kashmir, but at the same time instructions have been given to different state governments by the Center to ensure the safety and security of Kashmiris living across India. The Pakistani propaganda on Kashmir has been rejected by the world. For the last two months, Pakistani premier Imran Khan tried his best to hoodwink the international community, but he failed miserably as world knows the reality of Pakistan.

Pakistan has been sending terrorists not only to Kashmir, but Afghanistan Irana nd other nations, including United States, United Kingdom, and France, too have been attacked several times by the terrorists originating from Pakistani sol. Pakistan's tribal region along its border with Afghanistan has been rightly described as a safe haven for terrorists by western media Pakistan is the world's most active sponsor of terrorist groups. Pakistan's support to terrorism has caused thousands of deaths in Kashmir and other places in the world

In 2018, former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif suggested that the Pakistani government played a role in the 2008 Mumbai attack. In July 2019, reigning Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on his official visit to the United States claimed the presence of 30000-40000 armed terrorists in the country. He further stated that previous governments were hiding this truth particularly from the US in the last 15 years.

This is the reality of Pakistan which every Kashmir has come to know now. Kashmiris know that 1.32 billion people of India stand by them in this difficult time and they will come out of the web of violence orchestrated by Pakistan soon.

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