Trump / UNSC should intervene before nuclear Pakistan & others against nuclear India recognize Govt.-in-Exile of united-J&K. By Hem Raj Jain


After August 5, (when India amended Article 370, repealed Article 35-A of the Constitution and converted & bifurcated State of J&K into two Union Territories) the people in Pakistan through their media have been talking about converting united-J&K into another Bangladesh so that (as India did with Bangladesh in 1971) the united-J&K can be militarily taken away by Pakistan from India. The latest in this demand of acknowledging the Government-in-Exile of united J&K at Muzafarrabad (the capital of AJK) has again being strongly raised in Pak media  (as mentioned also at ) after 100 days of political stand-off in Kashmir and after October, 23 letter of Geelani the APHC Chief to PM Iran Khan and due to disappointment of Kashmiris that Imran Govt and AJK Govt are not doing anything to resolve the chronic & gory problem of Kashmir and the problem of human rights being denied to Kashmiris since August 5, 2019, 

The recognition of Govt.-in-Exile of united-J&K will have serious implications due to  or as explained due to :-

(i)- Azadi-march of Maulana which resulted in sit-in at Islamabad under Plan –A of opposition parties which has already motivated Jihadis and which has now been shifted to entire Pakistan as mentioned in November, 13 speech of Maulana ( ) . This is bound to motivate Jihadis (including militant) all across Pakistan especially given the fact that in this speech also Maulana said (as has been saying since August 5, 2019) that Imran government has done ‘Kashmir ka Sauda’ (Sell-out of Kashmir) with India with the complicity of USA and Zionist forces of Israel.

(ii)- Through legally objectionable judgment on ‘Ayodhya dispute’ India has deeply hurt (though they may not say so openly out of fear) most of the ~ 200 million Muslims all across India. It is surprising how SCI could give entire disputed site to those Hindutva forces which demolished Babri Masjid in 1992 and that too in presence of the Observer of SCI itself. This means SCI gave benefit to Hindutva forces of their wrong and sent a message that the crime of Hindutva forces paid. Moreover it is intriguing how SCI could forget that an idol can be made juristic person (legal person) but every idol does not automatically become a legal person. Rather an idol has to be made a legal person by bringing it on some government record (along with mention of its liabilities & assets) through a legal / administrative process. This means ‘Ram Lala’ the idol became legal person only on November 9, 2019 when SCI awarded said legally objectionable judgment. Then how can ‘Ram Lala’ the legal person show / prove its possession of disputed site from 1528 to before November 9, 2019 (as was absurdly expected from Muslims, the ‘Sunni Waqf Board’ to rigorously prove) ?

In a nutshell the said alienation of Indian Muslims created by Government of India through its mishandling in Assam, J&K and rest of India (through Babri-Masjid fiasco) is not only a God-sent opportunity for Pakistan to make united-J&K another Bangladesh but it will also facilitate and will make it easy for other Muslim countries and other countries all over the world to recognize the Govt.-in-Exile of united-J&K. Prez Trump / UNSC should realize that in 1971 Pakistan and India were not nuclear countries but now they are and what this recognition of the Govt.-in-Exile of united-J&K by many countries will imply for the peace of not only South Asia but of entire world, is any body’s guess.

The world community should not forget that when it overlooked the war clouds gathering over Europe it resulted in World War I & II and brought catastrophic destruction of lives, blood, properties and honor of the people all across the world. But it was during the period when nukes were not with the main combatants (except USA which also used it at the far end of World War II against Japan at Hiroshima & Nagasaki). But now nukes with main combatants India & Pakistan and with many other countries one can easily imagine what will be the extent of destruction of human race all across the world if Trump / UNSC continue to over-look these war clouds in Indian subcontinent and do not intervene before nuclear Pakistan & others against nuclear India recognize Govt.-in-Exile of united-J&K.

The war is a legitimate sovereign right of every country. But the mankind should not forget that since 20th century militant-Jihadi-Islam (through terrorism, which is when civilians are killed) has killed many civilians but what amount of persons (in tens of millions during World War I & II) the Christianity (despite Pacifist Lord Jesus Christ whom Christian West claim to follow) has killed and injured does not automatically invoke confidence that due to Christianity the West will avoid catastrophic (for civilians) war between nuclear India & Pakistan.

Hence before nuclear Pakistan & other countries against nuclear India recognize Govt.-in-Exile of united-J&K (which is a sure recipe for all-out nuclear war with catastrophic implications for the entire mankind), the Prez  Trump of USA (the leader of free-world) and  UNSC should try seriously to develop a sense of respect for human rights and should immediately intervene by ensuring plebiscite in United J&K after getting united-J&K free from outsiders as mandated by ‘Instrument of Accession’ and UN Resolution 1948.

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