Bajaj & Mazumdar instead of behaving like 'Banias of Hindu-order' should launch secular-democratic-capitalist-media. By Hem Raj Jain


Recently the Indian media and political class were discussing the statements of two industrialists Rahul Bajaj and Kiran Mazumdar who criticized the present government for creating an atmosphere of fear which is even scaring the industrialists to legitimately criticize the government of India (GoI), as reported also at .

 But these statements of Bajaj & Mazumdar are neither here nor there and if they are really interested & serious in protecting the sanctity of capital (both private-capital and State-capital), contracts, properties and rule of law in India then they should do the following:-

 (1)- First and foremost Bajaj & Mazumdar should understand that in 'Rajtantra' (monarchies) the State runs the people but in 'Prajatantra' (democracy) the people run the State. Hence the moral of the people should be higher than the moral of the government in any democracy. Moreover the employers (the controller of capital) lead the economic field (which is the major & important part of national activities) hence it is the responsibility of the capitalists to ensure that the Indian State functions properly as per the demand of Secularism, democracy and socialism (which is nothing but welfare State run by both private-capital and State-capital).

(2)- Unfortunately like other businessmen & women Bajaj & Mazumdar are also behaving like 'Banias' (pusillanimous businessmen) of Hindu-order who are merely showing their helplessness (in discharging their democratic responsibility of protecting the rule-of law and capital, contracts & properties of the people of India) before the State and are not behaving like the leaders of 'East India Company' who started conquering and ruling  India when they found the 18 century political scenario of India inimical to their trade / business interests

(3)- Just to quote some of the recent examples, the pusillanimous mentality of  Banias of Hindu-order (which both Bajaj & Mazumdar are part of) is evident from the way they practically kept quiet and merely paid lip service to the cause when Supreme Court of India (SCI) cancelled 122 contracts in 2G-spectrum case in year 2012 (in utter violation of constitutionally protected capital, contracts and properties).

(4)- These Banias of Hindu order  are keeping quite while GoI is not recovering State-capital of Rs ~ 1,000 Lakh Crore (Trillion) from about one million tax evaders as discussed in Parliament, reported also at

(5)- These Banias of Hindu order practically kept quite when GOI carried out criminal demonetization (in violation of money & capital) as explained at   etc_a45304.html  and

(6)- These Banias of Hindu order  are  keeping quite when the disputed site in Ayodhya dispute (the cause of huge loss of lives, blood, properties and honor in many riots) is illegally given by SCI to the Hindutva forces which (against Court order) demolished Babri-Masjid as explained at

(7)-  These Banias of Hindu order  are  keeping quite when the entire economic activities of the people of J&K are being destroyed by illegal & unconstitutional acts of GoI (in violation of 'Instrument of Accession') on and after August 5, 2019 in J&K as mentioned at

(8)- God only knows when will these Banias of Hindu order understand that unless the apex court functions property the rule-of-law (which only can protect money, capital, contracts and properties) can't be practiced in India.  But  these Banias of Hindu order kept quite when 5 Judges (including CJI) were committing criminal contempt as mentioned at

 (9)- These Banias of Hindu order have been merely whimpering from time to time against all the blatant & brazen violation of money, capital, contracts, properties, rule-of-law etc but it is not effective because in this age of communication (despite some media owned by merely-money-minded corporate giants) there is no powerful media in India which will work for the protection of  money, capital, contracts, properties and rule-of-law. The socially conscious corporate India can still do it but even the public spirited industrialists like Bajaj & Mazumdar are also not coming forward for this mission.

 Therefore Bajaj & Mazumdar instead of behaving like Banias of Hindu order should launch secular-democratic-capitalist-media in India [with its branches (in this age of globalization) in major countries of the world including in P 5 + 1]  if  Bajaj & Mazumdar are really interested & serious about protecting the sanctity of money, capital (both private-capital and State-capital), contracts, properties and rule of law in India.

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