Trump should protect free-global-business through UN, starting from Pakistan. By Hem Raj Jain


US president Donald Trump is complaining, day in and day out, about the unreasonable business practices of China which, as per him, are damaging the just global economic order in this age of globalization. But Trump is not doing anything, worth the name, which will promote and protect free-global-business. The example of Pakistan is enough to understand that how business & businessmen are harassed and persecuted in Pakistan especially if they have global business reach. If Trump is serious about promoting and protecting free-global-business especially in democracies, then USA should mobilize UN staring from giving relief to business & businessmen of Pakistan, as given below: -

 (1)- First and foremost Trump should make it clear (through public statement) to entire world that the USA (having UN on its soil) is duty bound to promote human-rights friendly global order. Which means, the absolute sovereignty of member countries of UN is a political humbug & absurdity rather sovereignty of every member country depends to the extent it adheres to the human rights enshrined in ICCPR of UN. In other words Trump should say that the USA will see to it that the UN exercises its right (as per international laws of UN) to intervene (in every possible & effective way) in the so-called internal matters of any member country if it grossly & brazenly violates the UN approved human rights of its citizens.

 (2)- Trump should make it clear that the public servants who commit corruption and other crimes to help the criminal businessmen should of course be punished but they all should be punished as per laws approved by UN especially (i)- By protecting the rights of the accused for fair trial (ii)- By differentiating between political and legal matters (iii)- By disallowing unfair business practices where businessmen are unnecessarily harassed due to (A)-  Absence of bankruptcy laws (B)- Absence of international co-operation between member countries of UN about money laundering (C)- Double taxation (like corporate tax and tax on dividends) and absence of reasonably moderate taxation which are unnecessarily generating so-called black money (D)- Lack of transparency & competitiveness in government contracts as happened in CPEC in Pakistan too (as complained by US Deputy Secretary Alice Wells) (E)- High interest rates on loans allowed by governments (F)- Illegal expansion of government business out of illegal fiscal deficits beyond consolidated funds of the governments and even by generating illegal money (without proper asset back-up) out of such illegal fiscal deficits (G)- Absence of laws to protect money, capital (both private-capital and State-capital), contracts, properties and rule of law.

 (3)- Trump should realize that majority of the people across the world (including media persons like anchors etc) are employees and are jealous of money making capacity of entrepreneurs / employers (the businessmen) hence they always unnecessarily complain that the particular businessmen has increased his assets even 1,000 times in such a short period. Trump should make it clear that there is nothing wrong in it if it is earned by the entrepreneur as per law (at the maximum the wealth tax can be levied on such properties or any such law to avoid vulgar disparities in wealth / income but there should be no restriction in earning wealth / money).

 (4)- Trump should realize that Pakistan first carried-out a judicial coup (by illegally persecuting former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family members and business associates) which resulted in illegitimate elections [by keeping main political party PML (N) practically out of election fight by illegally disqualifying its leader to head the party and to fight  election for his party by using NAB in a legally objectionable manner as mentioned at ]. These illegitimate elections in & after 2018 have brought the present various governments and elected bodies in Pakistan, which are nothing but farce to say the least.

(5)- Trump should realize that not only in Pakistan but in India, the largest democracy of the world also, the basic building blocks of any business / economy [like sanctity of money, capital (both private-capital and State-capital), contracts, properties and rule of law] are destroyed in absence of UN approved laws for protecting these building blocks of business, as mentioned at . But situation in Pakistan is extremely serious because in India at-least judicial coup and high-handed & legally absurd NAB (of Pakistan) are missing.

 (6)- God only knows when will Trump understand that both India and Pakistan are extremely important for realizing his Indo-Pacific initiative (as mentioned at  ). Unless Trump takes the economic matters of these countries seriously (especially of Pakistan where fraudulent nexus in 2018 of military, PTI, NAB, ECP and judiciary resulted in present illegitimate governments & legislatures by unethically exploiting the absence of human rights friendly UN approved business laws in Pakistan) he will be losing the golden opportunity to realize Indo-Pacific initiative and to provide global leadership by USA (where Trump does not seem to realize that his above mentioned efforts for achieving free-global-business will give tremendous boost even to his reelection prospects in 2020 Presidential elections).

 Therefore, Trump should stop giving merely lip service to the cause of free-global-business and instead should protect it through UN, as mentioned above, starting from Pakistan.

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