By not going to Malaysia, Imran (not Pakistan) lost opportunity for Riyasat-e-Madina. By Hem Raj Jain


Whether people across the world and not merely in Islamic world like it or not the controversies, surmises and speculations raised by and about Kuala Lumpur (KL) summit (from 18 to 21 December) have not died down for the simple reason that this KL summit (in which Pakistan, Malaysia, Turkey, Qatar and Iran were supposed to be the main participants) has a potential of ushering the entire Muslim world (and not merely Pakistan) into “United States of Federal Secular Democratic Riyasat-e-Madina” (USFSDReM) . The non-participation of Pakistan in this KL summit has only proved that PM Imran Khan is not up to the mark (which was already known as mentioned at ) for establishing ReM but that does not mean that Pakistan will not play the crucial role in establishing said USFSDReM (which can be established) as explained below:-

 (1)- First and foremost, the USFSDReM in entire Muslim world of 57 countries cannot be established without having reckonable military power which means that Pakistan (having nukes, powerful military and about 220 million people) will always be in the lead for establishing this USFSDReM.

(2)- SaAr has failed to provide leadership to Muslim world rather it is surprising that SaAr so long has over-exploited the existence of Mecca & Medina at its soil which is surprising given the fact that Islam is supposed to be religion of the worshipers of the abstract and not of the concrete like idols, shrines etc.

 (3)- The main hurdle of Shia-Sunni divide (the cause of gory problems in NAME region in Syria, Iraq, Yemen etc) has already been overcome by Shia Iran being the important part of KL summit (having majority of Sunni countries) but still there will be six major hurdles in the path of realizing this USFSDReM : -

 (i)- Objections of Saudi Arabia (SaAr) who presently is under the influence of anti-Palestine State of Israel due to unethical support (as mentioned at ) of the USA to Israel. SaAr as per Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan (though denied by SaAr) reportedly stopped Pakistan from attending this KL summit (as reported also at ) by way of issuing threats to Pakistan about stopping financial aid to Pakistan and by sending about 4 million Pakistanis working in SaAr (and another about 1.2 million Pakistanis working in SaAr’s ally the UAE) back to Pakistan which will stop huge remittances from SaAr & UAE to Pakistan in addition to creating immense problems of rehabilitating these about 5.2 million expelled people in Pakistan.

 (ii)- Objections of powerful Christian Western world led by the USA to this USFSDReM. The objection of the USA will especially be very strong in view the fact that that at KL summit a new Islamic Currency (with proper asset back-up including precious metals) was envisaged to be launched which obviously will damage the Dollar (with substantial part of it as fake currency being without proper asset backup) as de-facto global currency and which will be extremely harmful for the economy of the USA.

 (iii)- Turkey is a member of powerful NATO hence may find it difficult to leave NATO for joining USFSDReM.

 (iv)- The problems in NAME region born out of Shia-Sunni divide.

 (v)- Political set-up of USFSDReM especially given the fact that to adopt secular constitution for ReM may create some emotional issues for the Muslims of USFSDReM.

 (vi)- Opposition likely to be offered by India due to unresolved chronic & gory Kashmir problem.

(4)- The said 6 major hurdles as mentioned above at S.No. (3) (i) to (vi) can be overcome as given below: (i)- As far economic hardship (in view of not only un-confirmed said threats of SaAr but also likely sanctions by Western world) the Islamic world should keep in mind that USFSDReM cannot be achieved without undergoing hardship & peaceful-nonviolent Jihad. Moreover, if Iran could survive despite sanctions form USA and European and other countries there is no reason why USFSDReM can not survive in the face of economic hardship likely to be (though may not be) inflicted by some countries on it through sanctions.

 (ii)- As far sending (denied by SaAr) about 5.2 million Pakistanis by SaAr & UAE to Pakistan it can not happen given UN laws against such expulsion. But for argument sake if it is admitted that it may happen even then Pakistan & Pakistanis should be prepared to bear this hardship of rehabilitation of these 5.2 million people in Pakistan.

 (iii)- Launch of new Islamic currency (with proper asset back up) is  the most important objective of USFSDReM [because Islam does not permit usury (unbridled interest earning) which is the main reason behind all the fake currencies across the world (born out of mainly fiscal deficits even ‘Quantitative Easing’) under the strangulating influence of the Usurers]. Therefore, Muslims should be prepared to suffer hardship for realizing this most important preaching of Islam.

 (iv)- As far a secular State (about this-worldly-matters) in Islamic world it is not only NOT difficult & unadvisable to adopt but it is in the interest of disseminating the true spirit of Islam in modern world as explained at said PCP Article 3457.

 (v)- As far political set-up of USFSDReM the Secular, Democratic and Federal structure (where only martial matters will be with Center and all civil matters including natural resources will be with States / Provinces) will take care of every thing especially after carrying out elections (even in troubled countries of Afghanistan and NAME region like Syria, Yemen etc) under secular constitution and under the control & supervision of the military of USFSDReM and the Election Commission of USFSDReM.

 (vi)- As far  India factor, the USFSDReM should go for plebiscite in united J&K by mobilizing some Kashmiri Muslims to file writ petitions in Courts or by giving memorandum to President as mentioned at

 (vii)- As far Turkey, neither the remaining countries of NATO (the Christian countries) nor Muslim country Turkey are comfortable about Turkey in NATO. Once USFSDReM is seen to be going in right direction as mentioned above, Turkey will leave NATO and join USFSDReM militarily too.

 It is hoped that Pakistan will endeavor to replace PM Imran (who is unfit for realizing USFSDReM, as explained) with a new leadership which will make Pakistan to take the lead for the realization of USFSDReM in the interest of globally spreading the message (of brotherhood & justice) of Islam to start-with in 57 Muslim countries (which will come one by one in USFSDReM) of the world.

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